RM40 Pro RF Meter Kit

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Expected release date is 30th Jun 2023

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RM40 Pro RF Meter Kit

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5G Low Band and High Band Detection Kit

Safe Living Technologies RM40 Pro RF Meter Kit is the ultimate 5G detection kit.

This kit contains the Safe and Sound Pro II, the Safe and Sound mmWave, and the Pro Meter Case to monitor 5G low band and 5G high band radio frequencies.

Designed for thorough, professional testing for RF exposure.




  • 2 Year Warranty Certificate 
  • User's Guides
  • Batteries
  • mmWave Complete Kit – Meter, Stub Antenna, Horn Antenna, Attenuator
  • Safe and Sound Pro II
  • Pro Meter Case – Free ($50 value)


Safe Living Technologies Inc. certifies that the below instrument for measuring radio frequencies has been examined and conforms to its specifications during the manufacturing process; Safe and Sound mmWave Frequency Meter

Safe Living Technologies Inc. declares that the calibration for this instrument is performed by comparison with reference standards, or standard measuring equipment which are calibrated by the calibration laboratory of “Keysight Technologies Malaysia Sdn Bhd” (ISO/IEC 17025 certified).  This equipment is traceable to the national measurement standards maintained by Canada’s Institute for National Measurement Standards (INMS)for the realization of the physical units according to the international system of Units (SI).  The test equipment calibration is performed according to the standards ISO 9001:2015.

What is 5G?

As the roll-out of the 5G cellular network continues, so does our exposure to RF radiation. It has become increasingly common for individuals to experience a number of negative health effects related to EMF and RF exposure.

As always, detection is the first step in protecting yourself from these potential negative health concerns. Right now, there is a lot of discussion about the rollout of 5G, and SLT wants to make sure you are informed and protected.

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