How to protect yourself from 5g

What is 5G:

  • 5G is the latest generation of Cellular communication.
  • It is not the 5 GHz signal from a WiFi router.
  • 5G is Advertised as new, higher speed cell phone technology.
  • New Advertising Buzz Word - Comprised of digital, pulsed signals that have health impacts.



5G Frequency Ranges and Speed:

  • Low Band - 600 MHz – 1 GHz (same speed as 4G) - 99.99 % of the 5G network
  • Mid Band - 1 GHz – 6 GHz (3 X 4G speed) - 99.99 % of the 5G network
  • High Band - 24 GHz, 28 GHz, 39 GHz and above (15 X 4G speed) - 0.01 % of the 5G network
  • Low and Mid bands transmit 24/7 - High band transmits on demand

 5G uses small cell antennas


Flaws in the system:

  • Low and Mid bands only moderately faster than 4G LTE
  • High Band signals do not easily penetrate buildings (walls and glass) at current FCC limits
  • Deployment plans continually changing and are carrier specific
  • Will take a decade to fully install 5G as 4G LTE deployment took 10 years to fully complete (2008-2018) - Currently true 5G features are not readily available in all bands
  • High band is faster but limited to highly populated areas - stadiums, arenas, convention centers, some downtown streets, metro stops, airports, college campuses
  • Business plan not materializing – high consumer cost of data, cell phones and new towers
  • consumers hesitating
  • 5G transmitters consume high levels of power (3.5 X 4G)


Main Concern:

  • Demand for more data, doubling every 2 years in urban areas - Small Cell 4G/5G antennas on every other power pole

Too much data traffic on current macro cell towers, so more small cell antennas are required:

  • The power of the cell phone itself is stronger than you realize
  • Biological impact of millimeter waves (more investigation required)


How to protect yourself:

  • Current shielding products are adequate below 6 GHz (Low and Mid bands), where 99.99% of 5G transmissions occur - High band – difficulty penetrating buildings with current FCC limits
  • Reduce use of cell phone, use hardwired computer for the web, emails and texting
  • Call forward cell phone to corded landline
  • Change lifestyle – increase the amount of time you unplug
  • Understand and respect technology and the damage it can do!

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