EMF / RF Conversion Tables

EMF and RF Conversion Tables

RF Unit Conversion Charts

Many people are concerned about their Radio Frequency exposure levels and EMF exposure levels. Interpreting the readings can be confusing as there are multiple units of measurement. We have created this conversion table to assist:

Radio Frequency “RF” Power Density to Volts Per Meter Unit Conversion Chart



When measuring Radio Frequencies, the most common units of measurement are microwatts per square meter (µW/m2), microwatts per square centimeter (µW/cm2) and volts per meter (V/m).

RF Power Density = ((V/m) 2/377) W/m2

V/m = √ (W/mx 377) volts per meter

It is important to have a meter that is capable of measuring peak power density values when measuring pulsed digital radiation as in Cell phones, cordless phones and wireless internet routers. Our Gigahertz Solutions RF Meters are one of the only meters on the market that contain these features. RMS values can understate measurement readings buy hundreds of times.

EMF Unit Conversion Charts (Magnetic Fields)

There is some question as to what unit of measurement is used to quantify the intensity of an AC magnetic field. In Canada and the USA the standard unit is Gauss and in most other parts of the world it is Tesla. Both measure exactly the same thing, the magnetic field generated by current flow or the magnetic B field. The most common units of measurement are mG – milliGauss and nT – nanoTesla. See the conversion table below for a better understanding of their relationship.

Note that: 1mG = 100nT

Magnetic Field Conversion Chart