Safe and Sound EM3 Meter

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Safe and Sound EM3 Pro - 3 Axis AC Mag, 1 Axis AC Electric, Body Voltage Meter

As a result of ongoing testing with our new Safe and Sound EM3 Pro EMF Meter, the release date unfortunately will be delayed.  We are continually working to optimize the design for the best quality and accuracy possible, which is unexpectedly taking more time than anticipated.

The meter is built to measure lower frequency electric and magnetic fields; combined into one unit.

Developed and Built North America


Safe and Sound EM3 Pro - 3 Axis Mag, 1 Axis E, Body Voltage Meter

Safe Living Technologies' new Safe and Sound EM3 Pro is North America’s first-ever, 3 in 1 pro-consumer-level, professionally accurate and exceptionally affordable EMF meter.


  • 3 axis Mag Meter
  • 1 Axis E Meter
  • Body Voltage Meter

Additional Features:

  • 3D measurement of the AC magnetic field
  • 1D potential-free and grounded AC electric field measurement
  • Eliminates the need for X-Y-Z RMS calculations for magnetic field measurements. Ability to display all three magnetic field axis at once.
  • Integrated Body Voltage Meter
  • High frequency transient analysis for "Dirty Electricity" with built in frequency filter
  • Ability to isolate frequency ranges of: 16.7 Hz | >60 Hz | >2 kHz
  • "Geiger Counter" sound feature.  Increases in volume as field strength increases
  • 2 x AA Alkaline Batteries
  • USB-C port for continuous power
  • All Safe and Sound Meters are backed by a 2 year extended warranty


  • EM3 Pro Case
  • Safe and Sound EM3 Meter
  • Safe and Sound EM3 Measuring Instructions
  • User's Guide 
  • Test Lead 18 inches / 46 cm - Red - For Hand Probe (4mm banana)
  • Test Lead 20' / 6.1 Meters - Black - For Grounding (4mm banana)
  • Hand Probe - 4 inches - Polished Solid Aluminum
  • Ground Plug - For grounding to a 120 VAC electrical outlet
  • Ground Clip - Alligator Clip to assist with Grounding (4mm banana)
  • 2 x AA Alkaline Batteries Included
  • Outlet Tester
  • Ground Peg - 7.87 inch / 20cm
  • 2 Year Warranty

E-Field Frequency Detection Range (+/- 0.5 dB):
16.7 Hz, 50 Hz – 120 kHz
Mag Frequency Detection Range (+/- 0.5 dB):
16.7 Hz, 50 Hz – 120 kHz
Body Voltage Frequency Detection Range (+/- 0.5 dB):
50 Hz – 120 kHz
Body Voltage Input Impedance:
10 Mohm + <100 pF
No. Axis E / Mag:
1 E / 3 Mag
Magnetic Field Strength Range:
0.05 mG - 150 mG
Electric Field Strength Range:
0.01 V/m - 170 V/m
Body Voltage Strength Range:
1 mV - 3500 mV
Measurement Accuracy:
+/- 1dB
Audio Output:
Geiger counter effect. Varying Clicks with Power
Display Type:
OLED Display
Battery Type:
AA (x2)
Battery Life:
Approx. 9hr.
Low Battery Detection:
Display on OLED
16.7 Hz Band Pass. 60 Hz High Pass, and 2 kHz High Pass
I/O Connectors:
USB Power, 3.5mm (1/8") Port

1 Review

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    Safe and Sound EM3 Meter

    Posted by Michigan EMF Specialists - Dave Green on 7th Feb 2024

    After performing extensive Beta testing on the EM3 meter I am happy to say I am impressed with the versatility and accuracy of the meter. For both the novice, or experienced BBEC / EMRS this meter will provide valuable service as their primary source of measurement, as well as a backup testing device for those with NFA 1000's. When doing professional evaluations, having an accurate backup meter capable of reliably measuring EMF's is critical. For those new to measuring EMF’s it is wise to have a meter that provides multiple EMF testing functions that you can rely upon for accurate measurements to guide your mitigation efforts – this meter provides that capability.