EMF Mitigation And RF Mitigation

EMF Mitigation and RF Mitigation

EMF Mitigation, RF Mitigation And Shielding Services

classic-ii-cell-tower.pngThe terms EMF mitigation or RF mitigation mean to lessen or reduce the intensity of exposure from an EMF source or RF source thus reducing exposure to occupants and the building itself. Our Team of EMR Experts can evaluate your problem and propose an appropriate high impact, cost-effective solution, which may or may not involve shielding. We handle most mitigation projects in our area directly, but can recommend a particular type of shielding specialty contractor if necessary. If you are not in our direct area of service, we can provide a referral to reputable companies with a track record of successful jobs. The starting point in most cases is an EMF site survey and creating an EMR Assessment Map. 

Detect / Protect / Verify - 3 Pillars To Successful EMF Mitigation And RF Mitigation

We believe that EMF and RF mitigation should be based on source identification through measurement and source elimination through shielding or repair. We and have been very successful with this strategy and welcome you to review our testimonials. Remember, all EMF’s are different and require individual measurement and mitigation. Unfortunately there is no cookie cutter approach to EMF and RF mitigation as each location is unique.

Determination of the type of source and the frequency of the source are key factors for the proper mitigation solutions. Other groups promote interactive devices which claim to alter the source or produce a positive EMF and are difficult to scientifically verify through measurement. In the end they convey a false sense of security and should only be used after proper mitigation or not at all as they can worsen the situation.

Phases Of Successful EMF / RF Mitigation

    • Conduct an EMF site survey and identify the sources by measurement "Detect"
    • Develop an action plan and implement mitigation "Protect"
    • Ensure the action is effective through measurement "Verify"

Commercial And Residential Locations

We regularly perform EMF and RF Mitigation for both residential homes and commercial work places. Our Team of professionals use state of the art equipment and look forward to working with you!