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You know your customers, you know what they need, why not offer them EMF safety products at great prices and earn commissions.

The More You Sell, The More You Earn

With EMF safety awareness growing, now is the time to add the SLT product line to your website and marketing. It's easy and we provide the affiliate support you need. We also offer product training and phone consultations. Our affiliate program is free and easy to join. 

We Make The Invisible, Visible. 

Safe Living Technologies was founded in 2006, at a time when wireless technology was just beginning to boom. It was being deployed without any caution or restraint. SLT believed this was going to be an issue. 

Thousands of peer reviewed studies prove that electro smog has negative biological impact. It’s in our best interest to minimize exposure to this invisible force as much as possible.

Safe Living Technologies is a North American exclusive distributor for the following brands:

Affiliate Program Options

There are two different ways to participate. You decide which one fits your business model best. Or you can sign up for both!

Option 1: Affiliate And Referral

    • No cost to you
    • No inventory to carry
    • No hassles, just commissions on your sales!

With this Program, you decide which specific SLT products are most appropriate for your customers. You can add them with text and graphics right to your website with a special "Add to Cart" button/referral link back to the SLT online store. When visitors click on the button on your website, they are directed to the SLT store, and the product is added to their cart using a discount code plus the order is tagged and added to your affiliate Commission account where you earn a Commission on every dollar spent. 

You can also share your affiliate code with your customers via email or phone and they can purchase products on the SLT store, your customer saves $ and you earn $. The more they buy the more you earn!

Option 2: Become A Stocking Distributor

A Stocking Distributor is a product reseller who stocks SLT product inventory. Stocking Distributors purchase inventory from the SLT Portal at wholesale pricing. You will be given a special login to the SLT website. This access will give you special pricing that is tailored to your program. The more you buy the bigger the discount! 

Stocking Distributors market the products directly to their customers and handle all payment and shipping details. Your profit margins grow with your customer base.

How To Apply

Your application begins by filling out the form below. Once we receive your application, we will contact you directly to discuss the details. If we feel there is a good fit, you will receive a welcome email that outlines all the linking and login info you will require to get started earning Affiliate Commissions. It’s that easy!

If you are joining the Stocking Distributor Program, once approved you will need to sign the Stocking Distributor agreement. Once we receive your signed agreement you will be sent an email outline the program, how your discounts work and your portal/store login. 

With either Program you can offer your customers great SLT products at great prices and collect commissions. We can also help with promotions, additional information, specific product recommendations, endorsements, testimonials, graphics, and marketing. Commissions are paid monthly.

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How It Works

The SLT Affiliate Program gives your customers a discount when they use your promo code to complete an order purchase on the SLT website, and it gives you a commission on their order. 

We pay affiliate commissions monthly but only when they reach a minimum of $100 in commission.  You can also use you commission as a store credit to purchase SLT merchandise.

Promo codes are not case sensitive.


Click Here to learn how to use your Affiliate links

The link option below will automatically add specific products and your promo code directly to the client’s cart on the SLT store.

All that is required is the SKU number of the product you would like them to purchase and your coupon code.  

Here is an example for linking the Safe and Sound Pro mmWave with an affiliate code.

Safe and Sound mmWave Meter:

By adjusting the portion of the web link after the SKU (in this case, “SLT-1440MM-3”), you can use this for specific product links on your own website. 

At this time, unfortunately, some products in our e-store with multiple options (e.g., Bed Canopies) do not allow direct links.

An alternative option: 

When referring a customer to the SLT Store, just use your affiliate link to hyperlink them to our website.

Here is an example of your Affiliate Referral Link (*use your affiliate number from the Affiliatly portal*): 

You can also place this referral link in an email to your customers. Our store will track the customers purchases and place the commission in your account.

You can track your sales on the SLT Affiliatly portal. Below is the login page: