What Are DC Electromagnetic Fields

What Are DC Electromagnetic Fields

What Are DC Electromagnetic Fields?

A Direct Current (DC) electromagnetic field refers to a constant or static DC electric or DC magnetic field emission which has a frequency of 0 Hz.

DC Electric Fields

DC Electric Fields, can be referred to as an Electrostatic Charge present on an object. This field can be created by rubbing two poorly conducting materials rub against each other thus creating a build up of electrons on one of the surfaces. DC electric fields can also exist in the air. Such is the case during a thunderstorm. DC electric fields are measured in Volts per meter (V/m) and discharge time in Electrostatic charges and can be challenging to measure in the air.

DC Magnetic Fields

DC Magnetic Fields can originate from natural or artificial sources. DC or "static" lines of magnetic flux naturally emanate from the earth and provide a compass with the ability to indicate "Magnetic North". DC magnetic fields can also be created from a DC power source of electricity such as battery power, solar power and wind power. DC magnetic fields can be altered by iron ore deposits, underground streams and by structural steel in a building. DC magnetic fields are measured in milliGauss mG with a DC gaussmeter.