Swiss Shield Bed Canopy Naturell

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Bed Canopy Swiss Shield Naturell, Premium Hand Made Canopy with the Highest Radio Frequency Blocking Power.

Elegant, Decorative, Cotton fabric, designed for the needs of the chemically sensitive.

 This premium canopy is the most compatible with an electromagnetic hypersensitive (EHS) and or multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) person.

**If a Custom Bed Canopy is required, please select "Custom Bed Canopy Naturell" (customization fee) and select the Bed Canopy with the closest dimension to the custom size desired. Upon check out please enter desired dimensions in the comment section. Price of Bed Canopy will be adjusted depending on size.**

Create your very own Sleep Sanctuary and allow your body to heal

  • Effective Shielding against Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Premium Sheer 100% natural cotton fabric
  • Unmatched shielding characteristics
  • OEKO-Tex Certified as a skin friendly textile and free from harmful substances
  • Conductive threads are insulated so no exposed metal, no flaking and no need for grounding
  • Canopy has 3 convenient overlapped openings (right, left and foot of bed) for easy entry and easy exit
  • Used for shielding sleeping areas, or areas of similar size, from high frequency electromagnetic waves (microwaves)
  • May relieve symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)
  • Shielding Effectiveness 99.99% or 40 dB at 1000 MHz and 99% effective up to 10 GHz
  • Fabric is designed and manufactured in Switzerland
  • Effective shielding for cell towers, cordless phones, security systems, wireless computer gear and more
  • Sheer fabric, easy to work with
  • Easy care – Washable, with no loss in protection

Detect, Protect and Verify: Three Steps to Achieving Peace of Mind

Supplied with:

  • Bed Canopy Swiss Shield Naturell: Qty=1
  • Installation Instructions


  • Ceiling mountable: Requires Qty = 3, 7 to 8 foot hardwood dowels, mounting hardware and string for suspension to ceiling (Can be picked up at a local hardware store or a drapery outlet)
  • A floor shield is recommended if living space exists below the canopy
  • Ensure all openings are closed upon entry
  • For best results de-energize all circuits in the ceilings, walls and floors of the sleeping area
  • Verify with an AC electric field meter or body voltage meter

Washing and Drying Care:

  • Machine Wash - Gentle Cycle - Cold Water
  • Iron Without Steam @ 1 Degree
  • No Bleaching
  • No Chemical Dry Cleaning
  • Hang To Dry
  • Do Not Tumble Dry


  • Regardless of the quality of Swiss Shield® fabrics, it is still important to follow the complete range of safety guidelines which will guarantee that our product will provide you with optimum performance.
  • When the Swiss Shield® fabric is installed, its location, quantity and proper installation should be determined by a trained EMF specialist or EMF consultant. This fabric will reflect Radio Frequency Radiation and improper installation can result in increased exposure. Please review our distributors list for qualified personnel.
  • In order to ensure optimum screening performance, the specialist or consultant should assess the living space for Radio Frequency “RF” Radiation and AC Electric Fields. Before and after measurements are important to determine the overall effectiveness of the shield. If a specialist is not available in your area then appropriate measuring equipment would be required. Please review our EMF Meter and RF Meter product pages for details.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, Swiss Shield® fabrics are surface-insulated to allow to for washing without shielding loss. Be cautious with other fabrics that have exposed metal as this material can rub off, become airborne and cause irritation or health effects. When washed, the shielding effectiveness of fabrics with exposed metal will significantly degrade.
  • Avoid the use of electronic or electrical devices near or under the fabric.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, Swiss Shield® fabric is not fire retardant. Use with caution and at your own risk.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, Swiss Shield® fabric is intended exclusively for indoor use in dry areas.
  • As with all new textile fabric, a “new material” scent may exist. The impact of this scent is dependent on a person’s chemical sensitivity and varies from person to person. This can be resolved by washing the material before installation.
Canopy Size--Single Bed:
81”L x 45”W x 90”H (206L x 114W x 229H)cm
Canopy Size--Double Bed:
81”L x 62”W x 90”H (206L x 157W x 229H)cm
Canopy Size--Queen Bed (Low Stock, Ships in 3 to 5 Days):
86”L x 70”W x 90”H (218L x 177W x 229H)cm
Canopy Size--King Bed:
92”L x 90”W x 90”H (234L x 228W x 229H)cm
Canopy Size--California King Bed:
92”L x 82”W x 90”H (234L x 208W x 229H)cm
Sheer, Slightly Off White
Washable, colourfast (colorfast), antistatic
Raw Materials:
82% cotton, 18% copper/silver
Ceiling Mounted
MIL-STD 285, NSA 65-6, Öko-Tex Standard 100+1000
Shielding Characteristics:
99.99% or 40 dB at 1000 MHz

5 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Melody on 3rd Apr 2022

    Highly recommended

  • 4

    Posted by ART WELTER on 11th Feb 2022

    Using wire hangers worked better for me than string

  • 5
    Best night's sleep ever!

    Posted by Reid on 14th Aug 2021

    This canopy washed up really well and my daughter slept so much better in her canopy. She loves it and thinks it is very pretty. She is so much happier and cheerful when she sleeps in her new bed canopy!

  • 5
    This was life saving for me

    Posted by Amanda on 20th Jun 2021

    If you're EMF sensitive, you'd think you'd manage to find a way to be safe in your own home, right? After moving 15 miles out from the city, I thought so, too - until a massive construction project began outside my home. Unbeknownst to me at the time, construction workers often establish their own radio stations and/or communicate via extremely powerful radios. If it weren't for this canopy, I would have had to scour my entire state to find a sanctuary to recover while those d**** left their radios on all day and night, which would have cost far more than a bed canopy that will serve as a reliable "safe space" for the rest of my life. Now, about the actual product. It truly DOES block out 99.999% of most frequencies. Obviously this is contingent upon frequency, but radio and microwaves were brought down to absolute zero (using a TF2), and "peak" displayed at .011. Beautiful numbers. Also, since the conductive materials are woven into the fabric, I did not notice any major issues with electric conductivity despite the canopy being near a poorly wired outlet. However, the EMF meter occasionally did pick up some high numbers when touching the fabric near the outlet, but nothing that would pose any risk if used properly. Nonetheless, it's still best to turn off the breaker box when sleeping. Fabric is also lightweight, and I did not notice any ventilation issues like I had feared. The only downside was the installation. I'm not sure how it could be better executed, but the screw hooks in the ceiling was a pain to install. And though it makes sense to purchase dowels separately, it would have been a nice gesture for SLT to have included hardware, but that's mostly because I'm a hardware-illiterate woman. All in all, sleeping in absolute 0 EMF has made the world of a difference - it is NOT psycho-somatic, and this has been a life-saving product. In the future, though, I would like to hope insurance companies can get involved, as proper shielding has become as medically necessary as insulin for people like me.

  • 4
    king size bed canopy

    Posted by Vicki K Irvine on 8th May 2021

    The Naturell fabric is lovely and does it's job, so we're sleeping better. The installation took a bit of time, but now it looks good and is properly attached.

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