Signal Protect - Clear Car Window Film

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Purchase in 5 foot increments (QTY 3 = 15 linear feet). Shipped in one continuous piece on a roll.
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Signal Protect - Clear Car Window Film - EMF Window Film Protection

Virtually Clear Radio Frequency Signal Protect Window Film For Cars

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EMF Shielding Window Film For Cars

Installation should not commence if glass temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 5 degrees Celsius.

Virtually Clear Radio Frequency Signal Protect Window Film For Cars - our most transparent RF window shielding / glass shielding to block a wide range of radio frequency and microwave radiation.

This product offers light transmission of 72%.

The ultimate protector that provides an unaltered view of the outdoors while keeping your car naturally cool, new, bright, and enhance its value.

Trusted by EMF Professionals throughout the globe.

Includes a 10 Year Warranty.

RF Shielding Window Film For Cars

Signal Protect Clear For Cars is the key to high performance windows and keeps your car safe, new and cool.

This film is virtually undetectable on your windows but provides a Radio Frequency barrier as well as keeping your car cooler and more comfortable while protecting the interior.

Designed to block analogue and pulsed digital signals for external sources such as microwave transmitters, cell phone towers and Wi-Fi signals.


  • Best light transmission 72 %
  • RF shielding performance 99.99 %
  • Low reflectivity maintains the original appearance of your glass
  • Not noticeable from the inside or outside
  • Provides security from breaking glass
  • Excellent solar heat control blocking 55 % of total solar energy
  • Lowers summer time cooling expenses
  • Blocks +99 % of Ultraviolet “UV” rays
  • Blocks +95 % of Infrared “IR” rays
  • Provides a partial deterrent to premature skin aging and some potential skin cancers
  • Provides privacy, RF Eavesdropping protection and IR Eavesdropping protection, and security for wireless networks
  • Suitable for Government Agencies
  • Application: Self adhesive, activated by water
  • 10 Year Warranty


Desired Amount of Window Film For Cars

Technical Data:

  • Sold per linear ft in 3, 4 or 5 ft widths @ 5 ft increments
  • Min Qty = 5 linear ft or (5 feet length X roll width) What is a Linear Foot?
  • Full Rolls are 100 ft long

Installation Weather Guidelines - Car Window Film

The main concern with installing film at temperatures below freezing would be that any water left behind during installation would freeze and cause a visible defect in the film. Thus the best method for reducing any potential problems would be to take extra care to remove all excess water during installation. The only way that the water could potentially freeze would be if the temperature of the interior pane of glass dropped below 32 ̊F. Below are a few recommendations to look for when installing in cold temperatures.

As a general rule these guidelines would be recommended any time temperatures are expected to be under 10 ̊F for double pane glass or under 40 ̊F for single pane glass, within 72 hours of the installation period.

  1. Check the temperature of the interior pane of glass, with an understanding that the temperature of the glass will drop significantly at night. If the temperature of the interior pane is less than 40 ̊F do not install film.
  2. Spray the glass with film mounting solution if the mounting solution freezes do not install film.
  3. Use a temperature gun to determine the temperature of the frame of the window right next to the glass. Water left around the edges of the glass could freeze due to the frame
  4. Check to see if heating vents are directed at the glass and will hold that glass at a warmer temperature, often allowing film installation at significantly lower outside temperatures.
  5. Determine what temperature the building is kept at during the night. Often unoccupied spaces, or spaces being renovated will be kept at much lower temperature, as are some buildings that utilize temperature setbacks at night.

In general, there are very few days that would prohibit film installation in the US climate. The interior temperature of the building will typically hold the interior glass temperature above 32 ̊F. The above are situations to be aware of, as well as suggestions to minimize the risk of installing film in temperatures that are too low.

DISCLAIMER: When applying film on cars, always check with your local authorities on restrictions for your application in your area. This product is to be installed by an experienced, professional car window film installer. Installation should not commence if glass temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 5 degrees Celsius.

2 mil (8mil optional)
RF Power Attenuation @ 1 GHz:
-33 dB, 99.949 %
RF Power Attenuation @ 2 GHz:
-38 dB, 99.984 %
RF Power Attenuation @ 10 GHz:
-28 dB, 99.841 %
% IR Light Blocked:
% UV Light Blocked:
Total Solar Energy Rejected:
Visible Light - % Transmittance:
72 - High
Visible Light - % Reflectance Exterior:
9 - Low
Visible Light - % Reflectance Interior:
9 - Low
Available Widths:
3, 4 and 5 feet
Minimum Lengths:
5 Feet
Additional Length Increments:
5 Feet
1 m² = 10.76 ft²