RF Shielding Foil

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RF Shielding Foil

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Basic Interior Radio Frequency Shielding Protection

Our Aluminum RF Shielding Foil is designed to block analogue and pulsed digital signals from exterior sources such as microwave transmitters, cell phone towers, neighbours / neighbours' cordless telephones, Wi-Fi signals, smart meters and more.

This foil also offers an effective barrier against low frequency AC electric fields when grounded.

RF Shielding Foil was designed for new construction and renovation.

It has excellent RF shielding qualities and is a very versatile product that can be applied under drywall as a vapor barrier, under shingles on roof tops, in the attic, under stucco and plaster.

Sold in 125 foot rolls, 4 ft. wide.

Detect, protect and verify: three steps to achieving peace of mind.


  • Excellent High Frequency RF Shielding characteristics
  • Effective barrier against Low Frequency AC Electric Fields when grounded.
  • Electrically Conductive
  • Weather Resistant
  • Can be used as a Vapor Barrier - not breathable
  • Heavy Duty / Tear Proof
  • Flexible and light weight which allows for an easy installation
  • Safe to handle and non-toxic


  • 125 Foot Roll of Foil (4 ft. wide)

Installation Notes:

  • Roll onto desired surface and staple to secure
  • Overlap sections by 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) to ensure there are no gaps for best protection.
  • Tape the joints with aluminum foil tape
  • Ground if desired
  • Sold in 38.1m (125 ft.) rolls that are 1.2m (4 ft). wide

0.011“ / 11 mil
Roll Size:
4' x 125'
Approx. 21 Lbs per 125' roll
Radiant Heat Reflected:
Water Vapour Permeability (ASTM E96-05):
0.0058 Perms (Solid)
Corrosiveness (ASTM D3310-00):
Fire Rating (ASTM E84-09):
Class 2 / Class B
Tear Resistance (ASTM D2261):
Length 14.93 / Width 15.13
Emissivity (ASTM C1371-04A):
Bleeding and Delamination (ASTM C1313-05):
No Bleeding or Delamination
Pliability (ASTM C1313-05):
No Cracking or Delamination
Resistance to Fungi (ASTM C1338-08):
Does not promote growth
RF Power Attenuation @ 1GHz:
120 dB or 99.9999999999 %
RF Power Attenuation @ 2GHz:
110 dB or 99.999999999 %
RF Power Attenuation @ 10GHz:
100 dB or 99.99999999 %

6 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Sophia on 4th Mar 2024

    Excellent quality. Blocks EMF. Just test it with the Wifi, you will see. Better to ground it.

  • 5

    Posted by Sophia on 27th Feb 2024

    Great quality, nothing to compare with kitchen foil.

  • 5
    Seems to be working!

    Posted by Ali on 3rd Oct 2023

    This material feels pretty durable and it reduced my peak RF levels by 2-3x. So far I am happy with this product.

  • 5
    RF Shielding foil

    Posted by Francois Durocher on 1st Sep 2022

    Works as expected Easy to work with

  • 5
    Aluminium foil

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Oct 2021

    Great product, easy to ground. Works well to reduce EMF and dirty electricity.

  • 5
    RF Foil Blocks Wifi in Condo

    Posted by Etta on 14th May 2021

    Ok, im a novice, a DIY person of average capabilities. I'm not an RF expert. I installed 2 layers of this foil under my existing laminate flooring for the purpose of blocking my new neighbors wifi. I used the 2nd layer only for durability purposes - the concrete floor was not smooth and i didn't have the time to grind out the rough spots. The offending wifi was making both myself and my dog very sick. The foil is much more durable than tin foil, is light weight and super easy to work with. It bends into shape so that precise cuttings around complex areas can be made (i.e., the floor space included 2 nooks / closets, a gas fireplace, 6 doorways and an angled wall). I liked the results from the foil so much that i will probably install it in my spare bedroom at a later date. So in a nutshell, i am very pleased with this product as it is both technically robust (i.e., RF blocking capacity is very high), relatively inexpensive and it has an "undo button" (i.e., if you mess up, it can be removed and you can "start over"). Thanks SLT for offering this product!