High Pass Filter - HP700 - G3

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High Pass Filter - HP700 - G3

Increase The Source Identification Capabilities of Your RF Analyzer

This High Pass Filter - HP700 - G3 will Remove Signals Below 700 MHz from the Measurement Spectrum and Aid with Source Identification - Compatible with: Standard Log-Per antenna and the UBB27 antenna of the HFE35C. The growth and constant upgrade of wireless products and services has made source identification during RF environmental assessments increasingly difficult.

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  • Suppresses lower frequency disturbances when high frequency analysis is required
  • Effectively Suppress signals of amateur radio, radio and TV transmission signals which allows for isolation of RF emissions from cellular tower transmissions and other higher frequency RF radiation
  • Will isolate signals between 700 MHz - 3 GHz in the RF Spectrum
  • Effectively cuts off signals in the band of 10 MHz - 600 MHz


  • Attach the HP700_G3 filter to a compatible RF Analyzer (RF Analyser)
  • Attach the LogPer directional antenna or the UBB27 multi-directional antenna to the HP700_G3
  • Power on the RF Analyzer and configure appropriately
  • Hold the RF Analyzer with an outstretched arm
  • The analyzer will display the intensity of RF radiation on its LCD display
  • As the filter causes 1 dB of signal loss, multiply the reading on the display by 1.25

Compatible With:

  • Gigahertz Solutions HFE35C
  • Gigahertz Solutions HF59B
  • Gigahertz Solutions HFE59B


  • HP700_G3 High Pass Filter