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  • Gigahertz Solutions UBB2410 Omni Directional Antenna - For HFW35C, HFW59D

    Gigahertz Solutions

    UBB2410 - Omni Antenna

    UBB2410 Omni Antenna Eliminate the Guess Work With Directional RF Measurement Explore 360 degree RF Measurements from 2.4 GHz to 10 GHz with this Omni-Directional Antenna - Compatible with RF Analyzers: HFW35C and HFW59D. The 3D Ultra Broadband...

    Was: $392.95
    Now: $373.30
  • Gigahertz Solutions UBB27 Omni Directional Antenna - For HFE35C, HF59B

    Gigahertz Solutions

    UBB27 - Omni Antenna

    UBB27 Omni Attena Eliminate Guess Work With 3 Dimensional RF Measurement Capability Explore 360 degrees RF Measurements from 27 MHz to 3.3 GHz with this Omni-Directional Antenna. Compatible with RF Analyzers (RF Analyser): Gigahertz Solutions HFE35C,...

    Was: $449.95
    Now: $427.45
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