Preamplifier -- HV20_2400G10

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Explore Extremely Low Level Radio Frequency and Microwave Emissions with your RF Meter!

Enlarge Weaker Signals by a factor 100x for a more detailed analysis and of low intensity radio frequency sources - Compatible with: Standard Log-Per Antenna, HFW35C and HFW59D.

Having problems finding a low level Radio Frequency source? The HV20_2400G10 is a small device with a big impact. It will enhance the measurement sensitivity of RF Analyzers allowing you to accurately capture weaker field strength signals.

Adding the HV20_2400G10 to your RF measurement equipment will:

  • Increase the measurement sensitivity of a RF Analyzer by 100x (20dB) in the frequency range of 2400 MHz - 10 GHz
  • Analyze RF field strength signals which would normally be below the limit of your RF Analyzer

How it Works:

  1. Attach the HV20_2400G10 preamplifier to the appropriate RF Meter
  2. Attach the LogPer directional antenna to the HV20_2400G10
  3. Configure the unit for measurement and power on
  4. Scan the area of concern by holding the RF Meter with an extended arm
  5. The meter will indicate the power density of RF radiation on its digital display
  6. Divide the measured value by 100 to obtain the exact value

Compatible with: HFW35C and HFW59D

Know for sure what RF levels you are being exposed to…Buy a Gigahertz Solutions Meter!

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