PM5s - NFA Mounting Bracket

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PM5s NFA Mounting Bracket

Connect a non-conductive pole to this Mounting Bracket for potential free or ungrounded measurement of AC electric fields.

Compatible with the Gigahertz Solutions NFA1000 and NFA400 EMF Meters.

"Know for sure" what EMF levels you are being exposed to - buy a Gigahertz Solutions Meter.

Clarify Your Potential Free AC Electric Field Measurements

Attach the PM5s mounting bracket to a non-conductive pole to aid with potential free measurements.

Potential free (ungrounded) AC electric field measurements are influenced by the conductive interference of the human body. The use of a non-conductive Measuring Rod creates distance between between meter operator and the measuring area and which eliminates this interference. A distance of 3 to 5 feet is recommended.


  • A potential free rod allows for a simple and quick POTENTIAL FREE measurement of electric alternating fields
  • Can easily be mounted to a non-conductive rod not included (e.g. wooden dowel, fiberglass rod)
  • Made of non-conductive material
  • Non-conductive screw with a convenient handle, specially designed for the use with the NFA1000 and the NFA400
  • For highest precision please use the PM1


  • Fiberglass NFA Mounting Bracket – PM5s: Qty=1
  • Fiberglass Tightening Screw: Qty=1
  • Self Tapping Attachment Screws: Qty=4