PM1 - NFA EMF Meter Holder

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PM1 NFA EMF Meter Holder

Fiberglass holder used for potential free or ungrounded AC electric field measurements.

Compatible with all Gigahertz Solutions NFA Series EMF Meters.

Know for sure what EMF levels you are being exposed to - buy a Gigahertz Solutions Meter.

Insist On Clarity

Clean up your sleeping area with potential free AC electric field measurements.

Potential free (ungrounded) AC Electric Field measurements are influenced by the conductive interference of objects within 4 inches of the meter. The use of this measuring holder ensures appropriate measurement distance and allow for accurate measurement of sleeping areas housing coil mattresses.


  • Allow for accurate uninfluenced potential free (ungrounded) AC Electric Field measurements in sleeping areas
  • Increase the speed, accuracy and efficiency of EMF assessments
  • Ensure secure placement with a clearly visible view of the display
  • The PM1 Measuring Holder is made of non-conductive, durable fiberglass material


  • PM1 - NFA EMF Meter Holder