PM5 - ME Mounting Bracket

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Connect a non-conductive pole to this Mounting Bracket for Potential Free or Ungrounded Measurement of AC Electric Fields -Compatible with the ME3030B, ME3830B, ME3840B, ME3851A, ME3951A EMF Meters

Clarify your Potential Free AC Electric Field Measurements

Attach the PM5s mounting bracket to a non-conductive pole to aid with potential free measurements.

Potential free (ungrounded) AC Electric Field measurements are influenced by the conductive interference of the human body. The use of a non-conductive Measuring Rod creates distance between between meter operator and the measuring area and which eliminates this interference. A distance of 3 to 5 feet is recommended.

  • A potential free rod allows for a simple and quick POTENTIAL FREE measurement of electric alternating fields
  • Can easily be mounted to a non-conductive rod not included (e.g. wooden dowel, fiberglass rod)
  • Made of non-conductive material
  • Non-conductive screw with a convenient handle, specially designed for the use with the ME3030B, ME3830B, ME3840B, ME3851A, ME3951A EMF Meters

Know for sure what EMF levels you are being exposed to…
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Supplied With:

  • Fiberglass NFA Mounting Bracket – PM5: Qty=1
  • Self adhesive velcro: Qty=1
  • Self Tapping Attachment Screws: Qty=4

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