MS3-NFA Magnetostatic 3D-Sensor

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MS3-NFA Magnetostatic 3D-Sensor

For use with the NFA1000 and NFA400, the magnetostatic sensor MS3-NFA allows for measurements of static DC magnetic fields up to a reading of +/- 99.99 μT4 or the respective value in G (Gauss, selectable with NFAsoft). It allows for the assessment of anomalies of the Earth's magnetic field as well as man-made static DC magnetic fields. 

Its three-axis sensor is mounted in the area of the white field below the instrument’s name. Its orientation is indicated on the picture on the right. The sensor will only measure static DC magnetic fields, alternating fields will be filtered. 

Connection of the Sensor and Settings of the NFA

The magnetostatic sensor MS3-NFA has two connecting cables. One of them has a white marking imprinted with an “I/O“. This cable is to be plugged into the respective “I/O” socket of the NFA. The other cable is to be plugged into the ”AC/DC" socket of the NFA.

Settings Of The NFA1000 And The NFA400

    • "Power": "On"
    • "Field Selection": "M3D"
    • "Mode": "Auto"
    • "Signal": "tRMS"

In order to put the sensor into operation, switch on the NFA, connect the sensor (or vice versa) and shortly press the button "Rec.". The display of will show the magnetic flux density in the pre-set unit (G or μT, mind the LED "x1000" if applicable). The LEDs on the sensor will be lit.


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WARNING: Strong magnets may influence/change the calibration.