G-Iron Armo - Sample Swatch

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G-Iron ArmoFlex - Sample Swatch - 5in x 5in

Designed as an EMF blocker against AC Magnetic Fields.

Detect, protect and verify: three steps to achieving peace of mind.

Magnetic Field Shielding Protection 

G-iron ArmoFlex is designed as an EMF blocker against AC Magnetic Fields produced by the flow of electrical current. These fields are commonly produced by Power Lines on the street and entering your house, household appliances, electrical wiring in household walls, circuit breaker panels in the home, transformers etc. Unlike other types of magnetic field shielding, G-iron Armo-Flex is very flexible and does not lose its shielding properties when bent or molded to various shapes. As a result, this product is an excellent choice for many shielding applications. There are multiple configurations that can be used to enhance the shielding power if required.


  • High corrosion and fire resistance
  • New Heights of shielding performances
  • Reduction of Low Frequency AC Magnetic Fields
  • Reduction of Low Frequency AC Electric Fields when grounded
  • Excellent Shielding Qualities, especially with high levels of Magnetic Fields
  • Flexible and easy to cut to whichever size is required
  • Will maintain shielding integrity, even in damp locations.
  • Edges are VERY sharp, handle with caution!


  • 5 in x 5 in G-Iron Armo-Flex - Sample Swatch
Shielding Mode:
Initial: 500 Relative:7000
Saturation Induction:
20,000,000 mG (2 Tesla)
Attenuation @ 50 Hz ; 1000mG:
>35dB (98%)
Attenuation @ 1000 Hz; 1000mG:
>44dB (99%)
Loss due to mechanical deformation:
Sample Size:
5 in x 5 in
0.856 lbs/ft2 (4.18 Kg/m2)
0.028 inches (.73 mm)
Length of Roll:
35 Feet (10.67 m)