Acousticom 2 RF Detector

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Acousticom 2 RF Detector

Acousticom 2 RF Detector is a compact, simple to use detector for Radio Frequency Radiation and Microwave Radiation (200MHz - 8GHz) It uses color coded LED's which correlate to measurement ranges to assess the RF exposure in your environment. The Acousticom 2 also has a sound signature analysis which helps identify RF Sources.

Acousticom 2 RF Detector is a simple to use RF detector which quickly identifies peak RF exposure to Radio Frequency Radiation. It detects the power density of frequencies between 200MHz to 8GHz. This detector also has a sound signal analysis feature which aids in source identification and mitigation. Select the downloads tab for sample sounds of Common Sources found in most homes.


  • Wide radio frequency detection range : 200 MHz to 8 GHz
  • Sound signature analysis
  • Peak RF power density measurement : 0.01 V/m to 6 V/m
  • Color coded LED's which identify peak power density.
  • Battery operated (9V DC)
  • Small, compact handheld design - 63mm X 110mm X 21mm (2.5" X 4.3" X 0.8")
  • 2 Year Manufacturer warrannty


  • RF field strength/power level measurement
  • Cellular phone base station radiation power Density safety measurement
  • Telecommunications (CW,TDMA,GSM,DECT)
  • RF Transmitters power output measurement
  • Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) detection, installations
  • Spy camera, wireless bug finder
  • Cellular/cordless phone radiation safety level
  • Microwave oven leakage detection

Optional Carrying Case:

  • Interior Dimensions: L=18cmx W=8cm x H=3cm
  • Exterior Dimensions: L=20cmx W=10cm x H=4cm

Supplied with:

  • Acousticom 2 RF Detector: Qty=1
  • Carrying Case
  • User's Guide
  • 9 Volt Battery

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