I was stunned after reading the report on 5G's impact on health and wellness

Posted by Shane Reilly - Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist on 17th Jun 2022

I was stunned after reading the report on 5G's impact on health and wellness

The new wireless technology, 5G, is on many people's minds these days. One of the main concerns is negative health effects of 5G exposure. In this article, I will help you understand what to look for in regard to potential sensitivity to, and health damage from, 5G exposure.

Wireless radiation like 5G, 4G/LTE, WiFi, cellular and BlueTooth are forms of EMF: electromagnetic fields. Many researchers and doctors consider EMF an environmental stressor; essentially, something that takes resources from, and weakens an organism.

Over time, this stress can damage our bodies to the point of disease manifestation.

EMF is thought to create varying levels of sensitivity in different people. These sensitivity levels are organized into a spectrum known as EHS, or electrohypersensitivity syndrome. Magda Havas Ph.D estimates 3% of the population have severe levels of EHS, and about 30% have moderate sensitivity.

What are some of the common symptoms of EMF Exposure?

Brain fog

Memory lapses

Aches or pressure in head, throat and chest

Unsteady balance, dizziness

Altered heart rate

Ringing in the ears

Excessive fatigue

Numbness or pain in affected areas

Sleep disturbances

Eye irritation

Red skin blotches, eczema

Since most of us have significant exposure to EMF these days, I imagine most of us experience a handful of these symptoms. That's an indication that your body's sensors are trying to give you a message that they are experiencing stress. Further, we all compensate at different rates and for different amounts of time. Depending upon how well we compensate, we will progress through the stages of EHS at different rates too. But we are all progressing!

Four Stages of Electro hypersensitivity

1. Mild combinations of some of the common symptoms - typically headaches, concentration & memory problems - while working with electronic equipment.

2. Longer lasting symptoms after working with electronic equipment. Similar reactions in the vicinity of transmission towers and relay antennae. Symptoms often require medical care.

3. Inability to work full-time; frequent sick leaves taken to cope with symptoms.

4. Acute adverse reactions from electromagnetic pollution, both in outdoor and indoor environments. Results in unemployment and severe curtailment of freedom. Requires expensive reengineering of home environment or relocation to spartan, EMF/EMR-free rural or wilderness areas.

You can take a short quiz I put together to find out where you fall on the EHS spectrum.

EHS is no joke, especially in this world where we are faced with an ever-increasing number of wireless devices in public and our homes.

Symptoms of 5G Sensitivity

Now in regard to 5G, it only adds to these concerns. You see, 5G doesn't replace anything, rather adds onto the many wireless frequencies already in existence.

So the question is, what new negative effects do we see from 5G? Are people experiencing sensitivity to 5G in new ways?

Well, Magda Havas and others researchers looked at case and death rates for covid-19 and cross-referenced with cities, counties, and countries where 5G (including mid-band and millimeter waves) were being used. You can read the report here, or skip to what I think are the key findings:

EUROPE: Of the 10 European countries (with populations greater than 2 million) with the highest numbers of COVID-19 deaths per million through August 9, 2020, deaths per million were significantly higher for those countries with 5G compared to non-5G and this difference was statistically significant (617 vs. 383, p = 0.026)

US STATES: There were almost twice as many cases per million (2,500 vs. 1,288, ratio 1.94) and more than twice as many deaths per million (126 vs. 55, ratio 2.29) for states with vs. without mmW (millimeter wave or 5G) technology

US COUNTIES: Data for 53 counties with 5G mmW and 49counties without 5G mmW were analyzed. Comparing mmW to non-mmW counties, there were 7100 vs. 3797 cases per million (ratio 1.87, p = 0.005) and 446 vs. 168 deaths per million (ratio 2.65, p = 0.012), and these differences were statistically significant.

CALIFORNIA COUNTIES: Data for six counties with 5G mmW and 11 counties with a population of 500,000 or greater without 5G mmWin California were analyzed. The six counties with 5G mmW technology were: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo. The 11 counties that did not have 5G mmW technology were: Orange, San Bernardino, Contra Costa, Sacramento, Riverside, Kern, Fresno, Ventura, San Joaquin, Stanslaus, and Sonoma. The mmW counties had higher average cases per million (2750 vs. 1679, ratio 1.64, p = 0.06) and significantly higher average deaths per million (102 vs. 52, ratio 1.96, p = 0.064and higher fatality rate (3.75% vs. 3.01%, ratio 1.25, p = 0.131) than that of the non-mmW counties

The scientists did a lot of statistical analysis to isolate 5G and make sure that the effects seen were statistically significant, and not convoluted by other factors like income, access to health care, air quality, latitude etc.

After reading the report, it seems very clear to me that the additional radiation added to the environment by 5G is creating measurable, negative health impacts on humans. In regard to Covid, those areas that were 5G early-adopters fared much worse than other areas. That is to say, the population in 5G areas had weaker immune systems and thus the virus was able to get a foot hold faster.

I certainly don't see any reason to incorporate 5G into my home nor live in a high-population density area with 5G.

And if we were less stressed and healthier as a species, how might covid have played out differently?

How to protect yourself from 5G

1.Find out if 5G is turned on in your area

2.Measure the wireless radiation in your home. I recommend the Safe and Sound brand.

3.If you measure above the slight concern range (over 10 microwatts per square meter) you will want to consider some type of remediation. Contact me for further details.

4.Remember, 5G is but one type of many EMFs. To begin the work of protecting yourself from all of them, I recommend you check out my eBook. It has simple, practical steps you can take today to improve your environment.