How To Apply Yshield Paint for EMF Protection

How To Apply Yshield Paint for EMF Protection

Posted by Yshield Paint on 5th Jan 2022

Step 1: Preparing To Paint

The surface must be primed or painted with a non-oil-based paint; this will ensure better adhesiveness to the surface for your EMF Paint.

SLT EMF Shielding Paint - Yshield HSF54 Paint is conductive and must be grounded as per electrical regulations by a professional electrician. The first step is to place a grounding strap; we recommend the Grounding Tape - GSX10 / GSX50.

The GSX Grounding Tape is double sided conductive, so it can be applied before or after applying the Yshield Paint. For additional protection, we recommend using our Bed Canopy Swiss Shield Naturell in the bedroom.

Identify where you will eventually place the grounding plate. It is usually better to apply this near the electrical outlet.

Below is a diagram showing what the preparation for the grounding plate location will look like. You will start with the first grounding strap you placed (the longest strap in the picture). In order to provide more adhesive support for the grounding plate, place three additional straps (shorter in length) on the area where the plate will be installed. One strap should be horizontal, and the other three should be vertical. Afterwards, the grounding plate can be installed. The grounding plate will be explained more in Step 3.

*Note: Grounding has no impact on the effectiveness of the paint when shielding from high-frequency EMF or RF fields; low-frequency electrical fields may be reduced by grounding. Results are not guaranteed.

Step 2: Painting

When applying the paint to a wall; it must cover all of the exposed areas. The paint is applied the same as any regular paint, and a regular paint tray, roller and brush can be used. When painting around electrical outlets, leave about 2 inches around each outlet. The Yshield Paint is conductive and needs to be kept away from any electrical wires.

One coat of YShield Paint will provide about 37dB attenuation; a second coat will provide slightly enhanced shielding (about 44dB) and so on. We recommend a minimum of two coats; three will provide further improved shielding.

Let the Yshield Paint dry for 24 hours to effectively block EMF/RF radiation.

Step 3: Grounding/EMF Shielding

Please use an Interior Grounding Kit - GS2 for each wall that is being painted (8 X 8 ft. surface area). If the walls are both connected and within this surface area, only one grounding plate is required per room.

The grounding plate MUST installed by a licensed electrician.

Always check your space for EMF and RF leaks with a Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter.