G-Iron AmroFlex Magnetic Field Shielding 

G-iron ArmoFlex is designed as an EMF blocker against AC Magnetic Fields produced by the flow of electrical current. These fields are commonly produced by Power Lines on the street and entering your house, household appliances, electrical wiring in household walls, circuit breaker panels in the home, transformers etc. Unlike other types of magnetic field shielding, G-iron is very flexible and does not lose its shielding properties when bent or molded to various shapes. As a result, this product is an excellent choice for many shielding applications. There are multiple configurations that can be used to enhance the shielding power if required.

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  • G-Iron ArmoFlex G-Iron ArmoFlex G-Iron ArmoFlex G-Iron ArmoFlex G-iron ArmoFlex Magnetic Field Shielding - Class A1 Fire Resistance

    G-Iron Flex

    G-Iron ArmoFlex

    G-Iron AmroFlex *Rolls Do Not Include Free Shipping* Designed as an EMF blocker against AC Magnetic Fields. Available per linear foot or by a 35 foot long roll (25.3 inches wide). What is a Linear Foot? Detect, protect and verify: three steps to...

    $50.00 - $1,650.00
  • Grounding Cable GL1

    Yshield EMF Paint

    Grounding Cable GL1

    NEW Grounding Cable GL1 for Interior/Exterior Grounding Kits Designed for interior or exterior use.  Grounding cable to connect grounding components with each other. With crimped cable lugs and shrink hose on both sides. This grounding...

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