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Swiss Shield EMF Shielding Bed Canopies

Five star rating EMF bed canopies

The Swiss Shield Naturell EMF Bed Canopy offers the highest EMF shielding capabilities at 99.99% or 40db.

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EMF Paint - Safe and Sound RF-ECO Paint

EMF Paint Safe and Sound RF-ECO

Four Star Rating

The Safe and Sound RF-ECO EMF Paint offers excellent EMF protection when grounded, with 39 dB per layer or 99.987% shielding capabilities.

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RF Meter - Safe and Sound Pro II

Safe and Sound Pro II RF Detector / RF Meter / RF Alarm

Five star rating EMF bed canopies

The Safe and Sound Pro II RF meter is a top choice for EMF experts around the world, measuring low-mid band 5G signals from 200 MHz to 8 GHz.

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AC Magnetic Field Shielding - G-Iron Armoflex

G-Iron ArmoFlex Magnetic Field Shielding EMF Protection

Five star rating EMF bed canopies

The G-Iron Armoflex is an effective shield against AC magnetic fields produced by the flow of electrical current.

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Remote Cut-Off Switch

Remote Cut-Off Switch EMF Shielding  

Five star rating EMF bed canopies

The Remote Cut-Off Switch is designed to eliminate AC electric fields including “dirty electricity” in sleeping areas when prompted by the remote; the ultimate EMF protection solution.

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RF Meter - NEW Safe and Sound 5G MMWAVE Meter

New Safe and Sound 5g mm wave meter rf detector/alarm

The Safe and Sound 5G mmWave meter / RF detector is designed to measure 5G high band signals ranging from 24Ghz - 40Ghz.

Coming soon.

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