UHS2 3-Axis AC Gaussmeter

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UHS2 Gaussmeter

Our Most Economical 3D Gaussmeter

This digital Gaussmeter is used to measure AC Magnetic Fields across 1 axis for source location or 3 axis simultaneously for total exposure measurements.

The UHS2 measures frequencies between 13 Hz to 75 000 Hz (75kHz).


  • Wide Frequency Detection Range 13 Hz to 75 kHz (75 000 Hz)
  • Offers the option to measure with 3-axis simultaneously or 1-axis to aid in locating sources
  • Capture Magnetic Fields from all low frequency polluters, sources such as all standard household appliances, electrical wiring and wiring errors, power lines and transformers
  • Identifies higher frequency sources such as all energy efficient appliances, fluorescent and compact fluorescent lighting, dimmer switches and computer monitors
  • Option to isolate and quantify the higher frequency signals (1kHz - 75 kHz)
  • Low Batt will appear on the display when approximately 1 hour of battery life remains
  • AlphaLabs Gaussmeters are backed by a 1 year manufacturer defects warranty

Additional Features:

  • Measurement Modes: 3 separate measurement modes for Magnetic Field Measurements.
  • LCD Display: Easy to read 5.5 digit display
  • Power Supply: 9 Volt alkaline battery included
  • Battery Life: Approximately 20 hours. Low batt will appear on the display when there is approximately 1 hour of battery life remaining
  • AC Magnetic Fields: Value displayed in milliGauss (mG)
  • Single Axis Measurement: Beneficial for source detection (13 Hz to 75 kHz)
  • 3 Axis Measurement: Beneficial for total exposure measurements in a specific location. Available in two frequency ranges (13 Hz to 75 kHz OR 1 kHz to 75 kHz)


  • UHS2 Gaussmeter
  • Users' Guide
  • 1 Year Warranty for Manufacturer Defects
  • 9V Alkaline Battery

Frequency Range:
13 Hz to 75 kHz
Electric Field Sensor:
Magnetic Field Sensor:
Single Axis Directional or 3 Axis omni directional
Resolution Magnetic Field:
Finest Reading 0.01 mG
Magnetic Field Measuring Range:
0.01-1999.99 milliGauss
Accuracy / Basic Tolerance:
+/- 3% @ 45 Hz - 5 kHz; at certain measurement angles up to +/- 7%
9V Alkaline Battery
8.5 x 14.0 x 4 cm (W x L x H) approx 3.5 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches
Weight of Meter:
175 grams
Case Material:

1 Review

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    Easy to use

    Posted by Aleksandra on 14th Nov 2023

    I don't have another to compare nor the expertise. So basing it on ease of use and instructions and info that came with it. Also delivered quickly to me in Portland, OR. Helped me realize what I didn't realize was high and affected my health.