Safe and Sound RF-ECO 5G Shielding Paint

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NEW Safe and Sound RF-ECO 5G Shielding Paint - (3.8 L or 1 USA Gallon)

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NEW Safe and Sound RF-ECO 5G Shielding Paint - 1 US Gallon protects against the entire spectrum of electrosmog – including that of 5G. Shielding is greater than 99.9% attenuation of wireless radiation!

Paint can be used for both interior and exterior applications. This liquid armour blocks low-frequency AC electric fields when grounded. It effectively shields RF radiation from 200 MHz to 40 GHz. For 5G protection: low-band from 600 MHz to 1 GHz, mid-band from 1 GHz to 6 GHz, and high-band from 20 GHz to ~ 40 GHz. It will not shield from low-frequency AC magnetic fields, unfortunately.

This exceptional product by Safe Living Technologies Inc. has a pure-acrylics binder for good adhesion on a wide variety of surfaces and substrates, including latex paint, construction board, cement, plaster, polystyrene and masonry.

RF-ECO 5G Shielding Paint is water-based and environmentally friendly. This paint is a non-toxic high quality pure acrylic binder which is environmentally friendly, and contains only 0.027 oz/Gal. VOC’s - which is classified as a Zero VOC Paint.

RF-ECO 5G Shielding Paint is usually applied as a primer with a brush and roller like any other paint, and is then covered with two layers of interior or exterior topcoat paint. Two layers of shielding paint may be applied for further effectiveness - even three layers in extreme cases.

Infused with natural graphite and carbon black for shielding, RF-ECO 5G Shielding Paint is electrically conductive and black in colour. Grounding the paint is required and to be completed by a locally licensed electrician. Comes in an easy-to-pour container with a storage lid and has a shelf life of 3+ years.

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  • Shielding attenuation at 1 GHz: 39 dB / 99.987% (172 SqFt/Gal.)
  • 39 dB with 1 layer, 45 dB with 2 layers, and 51 dB with 3 layers
  • Available in 1 US gallon
  • Coverage per 1 US gallon: 172 - 344 SqFt.
  • VOC: This paint is a non-toxic high quality pure acrylic binder which offers excellent ecology and contains only 0.027 oz/Gal. VOC’s - which is classified as a Zero VOC Paint.
  • High water resistance
  • Shelf life: 3 + years
  • Corrosion resistant; contains no metallic particles
  • Paint is frost-resistant 
  • Topcoat: Paint is black, so you will likely require two topcoats of regular water base latex paint to fully cover the black.
  • Grounding required; there are some accessories required in order to ground the paint. The GSX Conductive Tape, also sold by Safe Living Technologies, is externally conductive on both sides and is used to enhance the conductivity of the paint.
  • For exterior projects, a fiber additive may be mixed in with the paint.
  • Developed in accordance with strict ecological criteria. The carbon black used has the lowest emissions on the market. The graphite is natural and untreated. Safe Living Technologies Inc. does not use graphene.

Wide Usage:

  • Living Areas: Protects against EMFs including cell towers, 5G antennas, cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers, television, radio stations, and more.
  • Workplace: Prevents interception of data from wireless networks and potentially bugged conference rooms. 
  • Science and Medical Facilities: Provides shielding of electromagnetic interference (EMI) sensitive facilities and equipment, and safeguards sensitive technical equipment.
  • Electronic Industry: Reduces interference between electrical devices & equipment.


Water, natural graphite, pure acrylics dispersion, carbon black, plus additives and preservative.

Additional Product Information:

CAUTION: This paint is electrically conductive. All painted areas must be grounded by a licensed electrician. All connections should be visually inspected and tested, and comply with local electrical codes. In all shielded areas / shielded rooms, a personal protection circuit-breaker should be installed. Always switch off power supply before starting to perform shielding work, and before application of shielding paint. For ground only, use Safe and Sound Ground-Connection ES/EB. Avoid contacting ground at other points.

WARNING: Like all electrical products and installations, EMR-Shielding Products can and do pose a risk to consumer safety if improperly handled. Safe Living Technologies Inc. therefore disclaims all responsibility for damages to persons and material due to improper handling of Safe and Sound products.

NOTE: As there are various paints available worldwide, we can never give a guarantee for specific combinations. In addition, many purely mineral paints and ecological paints adhere poorly on the graphite surface of our shielding paints. We always recommend applying a test coating on a sampling area before processing.

Our paint has a very low VOC content and others may as well but they still may not be compatible with an environmentally sensitive person.  If this is a concern,  we would suggest testing various paints being used for environmental compatibility on their own and combined together in an small area before starting your paint project.

39 dB per layer- 99.987% (172 SqFt/Gal.)
Electrical Resistance:
7.5 - 10 Ohm per sq inch
Minimum Application Temperature:
+5°C / 41°F
3.1 lb / qt
Typical Coverage:
172 - 344 SqFt/Gal.
Shelf Life:
3+ years
Binding Agent:
Pure Acrylic
Screening Agent:

2 Reviews

  • 5
    RF-Eco Paint

    Posted by Debbie on 10th Apr 2024

    The paint rolls on very easily and it did lower the RF readings.

  • 4
    The paint applied well with brush and roller. We applied 3 coats, allowing about 24 hours between coats. At first there did not seem to be much odour but after awhile, the odour was moderate as it dried. It has been about a week since application

    Posted by Eva and Ron Swanson on 31st Jul 2022

    We are very pleased with the result.