RF Meter Accessories



RF Meters Measure Radio Frequency, Microwave, And High-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields.

Our RF meter accessories are made to enhance the capabilities and ease of use of your RF detector. We also offer cases for your RF detectors and measuring kits, making it easier to ensure your devices are protected at all times.


Cell towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi (e.g. routers and modems), Bluetooth devices (e.g. printers, headsets, wireless keyboards), cellular & cordless phones, remote controls (e.g. for your garage or car), microwave ovens, and any other device which transmits wirelessly.

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  • Gigahertz Solutions RF and EMF Meter Carrying Case Gigahertz Solutions RF and EMF Meter Carrying Case Gigahertz Solutions RF and EMF Meter Carrying Case

    Gigahertz Solutions

    EMF / RF Meter Case K7

    EMF / RF Meter Case K7 This hard cover plastic case is the largest case available and has 6 slots for various meters and accessories. This case is included with the MK70-3D professional test kit but it works with any combination of Gigahertz Solutions...

  • Gigahertz Solutions DG20_G10 Attenuator - For HFW35C, HFE35C, HFW59D and HF59B

    Gigahertz Solutions

    Attenuator DG20_G10

    Attenuator DG20_G10 Increase The Maximum Power Range of Your RF Analyzer Designed for standard log-per antenna and omni-directional antenna of the: Gigahertz Solutions HFE35C, HFW35C, HF58B, HF58B-r, HF59B, HFE59B, and HFW59D. Extend the measuring...

  • Gigahertz Solutions HP700_G3 High Pass Filter - For HFE35C, HF59B

    Gigahertz Solutions

    High Pass Filter - HP700 - G3

    High Pass Filter - HP700 - G3 Increase The Source Identification Capabilities of Your RF Analyzer This High Pass Filter - HP700 - G3 will Remove Signals Below 700 MHz from the Measurement Spectrum and Aid with Source Identification - Compatible...

  • Gigahertz Solutions HV10_27G3 Pre-Amplifier - For HFE35C, HF59B

    Gigahertz Solutions

    Preamplifier - HV10_27G3

    Preamplifier - HV10_27G3 Increase The Sensitivity of Your RF Meter   This meter amplifies weaker signals by 10x (15dB) and aids with source identification. Compatible with: Standard Log-Per antenna or the UBB27 antenna of the HFE35C, HF58B,...

4 of 4 Items