AF3 Fiber Additive for EMF Paint

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YShield AF3 Fiber Additive

Special carbon fiber additive for mixing with our RF Shielding Paints to ensure continuous conductivity throughout the entire painted surface.  This product can be used as an alternative to the EBX grounding tape.  


  • Empty the entire contents of the AF3 additive into a 5 Liter bin of HSF54
  • Use an electric or drill mixer for at least one minute
  • Ensure well mixed


  • AF3 Additive (90 mL)

Additional Product Information:

CAUTION: This paint is electrically conductive. All painted areas must be grounded by a licensed electrician. All connections should be visually inspected and tested and comply with local electrical codes. In all shielded areas / shielded rooms a personal protection circuit-breaker should be installed. Always switch off power supply before starting to perform shielding work and before application of shielding paint. For ground only use YSHIELD Ground-Connection ES/EB. Avoid contacting ground at other points.

WARNING: Like all electrical products and installations EMR-Shielding Products can and do pose a risk to consumer safety if improperly handled. YSHIELD and Safe Living Technologies therefore disclaims all responsibility for damages to persons and material due to improper handling of YSHIELD products.