Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter

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Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter

5G Ready! - Low And Mid Bands - Third Party Tested

The Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter is a professional RF meter that is designed to measure ambient radio frequency / microwave signals, and has a built in antenna.

This meter is a 3rd party certified RF detector with effective measurement range of 200 MHz to 8 GHz, true response detection range 400 MHz to 7.2 GHz (+/- 6dB).

Also includes a premium 4 line OLED Display for digital readings up to 3,180,000 µW/m² and down to 0.005 µW/m², Max Hold, Max Reset Button, USB Power Jack for Continuous Monitoring, Volume Control, Headphone Jack, Calibration Certificate and more! 

The meter has been tested and certified by The Nemko Canada Inc Testing Lab in Cambridge Ontario, Canada.



  • Effective measurement range of 200 MHz to 8 GHz, true response detection range 400 MHz to 7.2 GHz (+/- 6dB)
  • Accuracy +/- 6dB performance tested in a 3rd party certified RF testing lab. Each meter is individually calibrated and QC inspected
  • Sound signature analysis to assist with source identification
  • 3 selectable volume levels + Sound On/Off option
  • Designed with Low EMF emissions
  • Premium 4 line OLED Display for a real time display that is easy to read in any type of light
  • Uses state of the art measurement technology and is sensitive to 0.001 µW/m², for the Electrically Hypersensitive person
  • Now featuring two selectable units of measurement: Volts per metre (V/m) or Microwatts per square metre (µW/m²)
  • Meters are temperature compensated to measure accurately under any environmental conditions
  • Power Response linearization completed in a 3rd party certified RF testing lab
  • Will measure low band and mid band 5G cellular signals between (200 MHz - 8 GHz)
  • Measures power densities up to 3,180,000 µW/m² and down to 0.005 µW/m² (Linear response between 0.1µW/m² and 1,000,000µW/m²)
  • Max Hold with option to clear at anytime
  • Bar graph of RF intensity
  • USB Micro Power Jack for continuous monitoring
  • High quality adjustable Volume Control, as well as 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Battery remaining display
  • Battery operated (2 x AA Alkaline only) - 12 - 15 hour battery life
  • Small, durable and compact handheld design - 7" X 4.5" X 1.5" (17cm x 11cm x 4cm)
  • Engineered in Canada - Manufactured in Canada and the USA
  • 2 Year Warranty


Quickly determine RF present in your environment within 200 MHz and 8 GHz.

Some of the more common sources the meter can detect: cell towers, cell phone emissions, cordless home phones, wireless routers (both 2.4 and 5 GHz), Bluetooth devices, smart meter emissions, baby monitors, airport radar, and, microwave oven leakage detection.


  • Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter
  • Zippered Carrying Case
  • User's Guide
  • 2 x AA Alkaline Batteries
  • 2 Year Warranty

Recent Customer Review:

Excellent EMF meter

"I am comparing this SSP2 to my existing Cornet ED85EXS which I had for a number of years. Until recently I thought the Cornet was fairly accurate, but after comparing to a GigaHertz unit and I was shocked by the inaccuracy of the Cornet. I decided to look for another portable RF meter and settled on this SSP2. I find the SSP2 to be very accurate, solid construction, easy to read screen (although I wish it had the option to switch from microwatts to milliwatts) and it's very simple to operate. Overall it's a great unit." 10/10

Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jun 2022

Frequency Range of Meter:
400 MHz to 7.2 GHz (will detect signals from 200 MHz to 8 GHz)
+/- 6dB - 3rd Party Certified - testing report attached
Measurement Range:
0.001 µW/m² to 3,180,000 µW/m² (Linear response between 0.1µW/m² and 1,000,000µW/m²)
Sampling Rate:
200 kHz
Response Time:
<5 μs
LED Range @ 2.4 GHz--Green (Flashing):
<1 µW/m²
LED Range @ 2.4 GHz--Green:
10 µW/m²
LED Range @ 2.4 GHz--Yellow:
10 - 100 µW/m²
LED Range @ 2.4 GHz--Orange:
100 - 1,000 µW/m²
LED Range @ 2.4 GHz--Red:
1,000 - 10,000 µW/m²
LED Range @ 2.4 GHz--Red (Slow Flashing):
10,000 - 100,000 μW/m²
LED Range @ 2.4 GHz--Red (Fast Flashing):
>100,000 μW/m²

51 Reviews

  • 5
    Great Meter

    Posted by Patrick on 1st May 2024

    Excellent product with good battery life. I like that is receives from only one direction, that way it can be used to identify the source of radiation. The sound is also a great feature to help identify the type of radiation source (bluetooth, wifi, cellular, etc.) I have owned the meter for just a few weeks and have used it everyday so far to identify sources, implement mitigation methods, and re-test to confirm effective mitigation. Awesome tool

  • 4

    Posted by Michelle on 26th Apr 2024

    I love the meter. I would have given it 5 stars, but I wish it had more choices to select mw/m2 and mw/cm2 since so many other RF meters use those scales. Hopefully this can be done via firmware in the future?

  • 5
    very helpful to discover the one safe spot in my home.

    Posted by Ellen Rixford on 14th Apr 2024

    Too much radiation around me. Gonna move.

  • 5
    My top choice

    Posted by Catheline on 27th Mar 2024

    After many researches, my best choice was definitely the Safe and Sound Pro II. And the excellent customer service was a big part of my choice. This device is the best help for cleaning my environment from rf.

  • 5
    I finally know

    Posted by Annette Johnston on 25th Mar 2024

    Every am I would stand in the kitchen and arrange my day at my daybook with my cell phone. With the Digital meter ,I now know, that I was standing in over 100,000 uw of EMF!!! no wonder my trigenimal Neralgia was so flared .This companys customer service is great too. very kind and helpful. thank you . Annette

  • 5
    SLT stands by the quality of their products

    Posted by Marc Thibault on 25th Mar 2024

    I bought a Safe and Sound Pro II in January 2021. This an excellent meter for measuring radio-frequencies. Two months later, the meter was defective and was replaced under warranty with a new identical meter. In February 2024, the meter once again displayed wrong values. Even though the warranty had expired, SLT quickly replaced the meter for free without any questions. I returned the defective one with a pre-paid shipping label they sent me by email. It is not often that a company is willing to back up the quality of their products with positive action. Great customer service and quick response that should be highlighted !

  • 5
    Safe and Sound Pro II Meter is awesome

    Posted by Josh D on 4th Feb 2024

    This meter is so easy to use and accurate. They always deliver great products and the support is consistently excellent! This is a great company.

  • 4
    pro 11 metee

    Posted by susan gold on 7th Jan 2024

    it seems like a good meter for the price range

  • 4
    Good product

    Posted by Mary on 22nd Dec 2023

    This is a highly recommended meter. I think it would be really helpful to include further details about what the results mean, but guess I’ll just have to practice. Thanks.

  • 5

    Posted by Fara Wear on 1st Dec 2023

    This is the best purchase we have made to date! It literally changed the way we looked at our home, our environment and our electro-smog. It is so sensitive, and once you learn some of the sounds you will be on your way to living safer in your homes! btw- the tell for a good product and technician is by the straightness of the included batteries in this meter. Care taken at every level. We see you! Team Fara Wear

  • 5
    Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter

    Posted by Wendy Fachon on 17th Nov 2023

    We took our meter on a road trip this week and were astounded at the high levels and pulsations we were able to monitor all along the highway in in our hotel room. The invisible is now visible!

  • 5
    Best EMF Meter

    Posted by Renee on 20th Oct 2023

    Easy to use and recommended by Magda Havas who is one of the top experts in this field. My husband who is very sensitive to EMFs has found a big difference after we mitigated the trouble spots in our home with some of the excellent shielding products which are also available at SLT!

  • 4
    Pro IIRF meter

    Posted by Valerie Zumbusch on 9th Oct 2023

    Very sensative meter. I need better training on how to use it

  • 5

    Posted by Eric Windheim on 19th Jul 2023


  • 5
    Safe/ Sound Pro II

    Posted by Jennifer on 22nd Jun 2023

    Great product. Really helps you pinpoint source of EMF around your environment. Highly recommend.

  • 5

    Posted by Jean on 29th Apr 2023

    Très bon appareil pour EHS (et autres). Compact et pratique avec les DEL lorsqu'on veut fuir un lieu trop pollué.

  • 5
    Watching people test them online is nice but once I got it and actually see it pick up radio frequency and detect the things I need to change it’s worth it so happy I found this one

    Posted by Chris on 27th Mar 2023

    Thanks halleluYAH

  • 5
    The S&S meter is a life-saver! I discovered my router was transmitting over 3 million microWatts/square meter radiation; hyper danger zone. Replaced it, and now level down to zero. Tested all over my house, and will take protective measures now.

    Posted by peggy barton on 12th Mar 2023

    Already reviewed above.

  • 4
    Pro II

    Posted by Mark Skipper on 1st Mar 2023

    This is my second Pro meter. They work very well; however, there are EMF frequencies neither one ever picked, EMF signals I can feel in my body. The feelings of burning, and I regular feel when my Pro II picks the signal up and registers it. I also feel the very same burning when the Pro II measures no EMF signal at all. I don't know why that is unless the frequency(s) is above or below the range the Pro II picks up. This would be a much better meter if signal histories could be saved and downloaded. It's value would be 5 times greater than it is now.

  • 5
    PRO II RF METER excellent

    Posted by Elzbieta and Stanislaw Bialy on 5th Feb 2023

    good quality product highly recommend

  • 5
    Safe and Sound Pro 11

    Posted by Daryl on 5th Feb 2023

    Great meter! Simple to use. Even a newbie will be able detect the invisible enemy right off the get-go.

  • 5
    Essential tool for the 21st century

    Posted by Jesse on 26th Jan 2023

    If health is a priority for you and your loved ones, the Pro 2 should be apart of your toolkit and with our living spaces being compared to as standing next to a microwave with the door open, consistent and ongoing testing is a must. Highly recommend due to its specific detection and accuracy.

  • 5
    Very sharp.

    Posted by Mantas on 19th Jan 2023

    Delivery to Lithuania, no problem, very accurate rf meter, already adjusted my home from 3 million microwatts at some places down to 3-10 microwatts.

  • 5
    Safe and Sound Pro II

    Posted by Benjamin Wundele on 5th Jan 2023

    Great meter. It is much more accurate than my other meter and the materials and build are of higher quality.

  • 5
    So useful

    Posted by Katherine on 11th Dec 2022

    I enjoy using my Safe and Sound Pro II meter. It's easy to use and came with lots of great information.

  • 5
    Safe and Sound Pro II helped to detected a previously unknown WiFi source

    Posted by Raj on 2nd Dec 2022

    While playing with the device, I detected high peak signals in my house. I used it to figure out the source was my smart washer's control panel. Although the appliance's documentation gave the impression the WiFi would be off if the WiFi LED was off (which it was), it turned out the WiFi chip near the control panel was still emitting on the order of 200,000 μW/m2 peak signals! I called the appliance company and after some internal research, they admitted the appliance was ALWAYS enabled. After complaining about this product misinformation, I got the appliance company to come and detach the WiFi module permanently, as I will never use the smart features. I used the Safe and Sound metre to measure before and after disabling to ensure it was off. If I had not purchased this, I would have never known. I intend to use it to look for other hidden sources.

  • 4
    Safe & Sound Pro II RF Meter

    Posted by Debby on 14th Nov 2022

    Works great Much more sensitive than former meter I used prior to this one. Smaller size and also case make it easier to tote with me. Inconspicuous too.

  • 5
    EMF meter

    Posted by Kez on 4th Oct 2022

    I purchased this meter to take to client's homes during EMF assessments. It is just so simple to use and as soon as my clients see the colour go from Green (safe exposure level) to Red (heavy exposure) it really has an impact. Even on the most skeptical! I love the sounds generated by the Safe & Sound Pro. Because most of us cannot see, smell, hear or taste EMF, we can be lulled into false security. I usually have the sound off when I am demonstrating to clients. Then when I turn the sound on, I can see their faces when the EMF signal ramps up. I can then explain that this is what their immune system feels and hears, even though they themselves cannot. As an ex Nurse Educator of 22 years, it is often through demonstration with simple explanation that the most powerful points can be made. I LOVE this meter! Highly recommend!

  • 5
    Easy to use, this device makes all the difference between thinking about doing something and actually doing it. I had read about the effects of cordless phones and answering machines, but when I saw the high numbers on the safe & sound device when it

    Posted by L & M Ellison on 7th Aug 2022

    Comments were put in review subject spot. Please check for typos, it was hard to proofread what I wrote.

  • 5
    health tool

    Posted by Erika on 6th Jul 2022

    This meter is accurate , sensitive, and will be your guide as you become a detective in discovering the electro pollution in your home. It lead me to wrap my water meter in thick aluminum foil radiant barrier , ( I had no idea my water meter in the basement was polluting my whole living room through the floor!!! ) This meter is a life saver. I removed my LED refridgerator lights , as I was being blasted every time I opened my fridge on EXTREME , and this green machine showed me how toxic a cell phone is. I put in a landline telephone and canceled my cell phone service . Thank you for a great product. It literally changed my life! I feel it's the best one on the market for the price, as I returned another detector when comparing. . Extremely grateful and now we are living in LESS extremely high frequency . The windows are awful from the cell towers , which are several miles from us but clearly pollute our yard, and home , or it's the neighborhood WIFI causing the yard pollution . Sadly my yard is all "high" . The lower level of my home , 1/2 underground with concrete walls, that area is golden and really SLIGHT . So we are moving our bedroom down there , as our upstairs is the worst . I learned my Delta shower fixture in the bathtub to turn the water on has "technology" in it (always a bad thing, especially when SMART ) but the technology helps regulate the water and is blasting us with Extreme frequency , so we are swapping out the shower fixtures. Blessing for us we have old metal screens on some of our our windows , and a metal roof. This meter helped guide our material choice for a fence , we are putting in a metal fence instead of wood. We even wrapped a little young pine tree in silver window screen to see if it can grow healthier , as some spots on the tree where turning brown , likely due to the yard electro pollution. (all this within the first week of owning this little green machine) Dirty Electricity is my next focus once all the RF dirt has been sweep away. (Warning , you will become very busy cleaning away all your electro pollution if you buy this detector. Get a large roll of radiant barrier aluminum foil ready , you'll need it. )

  • 5
    Excellent EF meter

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jun 2022

    I am comparing this SSP2 to my existing Cornet ED85EXS which I had for a number of years. Until recently I thought the Cornet was fairly accurate, but after comparing to a GigaHertz unit and I was shocked by the inaccuracy of the Cornet. I decided to look for another portable RF meter and settled on this SSP2. I find the SSP2 to be very accurate, solid construction, easy to read screen (although I wish it had the option to switch from microwatts to milliwatts) and it's very simple to operate. Overall it's a great unit. 10/10

  • 5
    Excellent Meter For Measuring Wireless Radiation!

    Posted by Theodora Scarato on 2nd Jun 2022

    I am so thankful for this meter. It is life changing to be able to see the invisible.

  • 5
    Safe and Sound Pro 2

    Posted by Debbie Norris on 9th May 2022

    Hardly do I take time to review purchases, but I love this! Most of my house where we live was high to extreme. The basement was slight. I ordered a corded phone replacing my cordless, turned off WiFi unless I was using, put cell phone on airplane at night, and tried changing my AC thermostat since it is WiFi, will call the company tomorrow. I also unplugged many items which will also save on my electrical bill. My living room is now slight, will continue working. My electric company is replacing meters w smart meters, hope I can use my Safe and Sound to talk w the company. I am telling everyone, this is my new mission. Thank you and God bless Debbie

  • 5
    Sensitivity below 1microwatt

    Posted by Ry on 16th Mar 2022

    The very best available in my opinion. I assessing faraday cage over bed under 1 microwatt it is superb. You can fine tune the cover mesh and find weak points in your bed canopy and make protection optimum. Around 2 or more cellphones it does overload above 2,500,000 microwatts so be careful not to destroy it. I walk thru crowds holding it high on full speaker sound to show folks the radiation in parking lots, shopping centers, city streets, which gets dramatic. HaHaHa! Buy one for a friend, too!!

  • 5
    Easy to use

    Posted by Steven Maurya on 5th Feb 2022

    very accurate and easy to use

  • 5
    Easy to use

    Posted by Steven Maurya on 5th Feb 2022

    I've used other meters, this one is so easy to use and not bulky. It is quite detailed displaying Peak, Max and Avg readings. I found it to be the best and easiest RF detector on the market.

  • 5
    Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter

    Posted by Uwe Ralph on 24th Jan 2022

    Fast shipping and delivery to Germany. Excellent quality of the meter and its display and very easy handling. Sound feature is very good and helpful. Well done instruction manual and very helpful mini-charts for quick reference. It's a pleasure to work with this instrument!

  • 5
    Pro 2 meter

    Posted by Marcia Hoodwin on 8th Dec 2021

    The meter seems to be very sensitive and is easy to use. Good customer service.

  • 5
    Safe and Sound Pro 11

    Posted by Janis Hoffmann on 8th Nov 2021

    Easy to use. The lights and sounds is very effective

  • 5
    Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter

    Posted by Karen Hamsho on 17th Oct 2021

    Love this meter. Took it on vacation and it showed me the safest bedroom to sleep in. I got a great night's sleep for 7 ful days. I love the portability. Ease of Use.

  • 5

    Posted by ESK on 8th Oct 2021

    I have this device for a year now. LIke Gollum character in LOR this is my precious. Main function: seek, find and disable the microwave sources. Just walk around the house with it is on as you get closer to the source the readings become much higher. It helped a lot. I probably disabled close to 30 wireless device at my home, many of which I had no idea. Currently I use it for surveillance once/twice a week to see if there is any new signal coming from my neighbors or if I accidentally forget to turn off any wireless devices. It is very easy to use. Covers broad wavelength from 0.2-8GHz. You need to buy 2 different device if you want to do the same measurement with gigahertz devices. Per expert reviews It seems it's quality and sensitivity compares well with more advanced/expensive devices. It helped to find many wireless devices at home that I had no idea that had wifi like my fridge among other things. It helped me to find very hot spots in town that I try to avoid as much as possible. For example there was shop that I was going for some time. After I had this device I did measurement in front of the shop which shoved baseline peak levels above 40th. I looked around and Saw a hidden cell phone tower. I was going that shop for more than 2 years and never noticed that tower. Now I'm avoiding that shop as much as possible. Sound is pretty clear and helps with identification of the nature of the source. It consume the battery fast and has to bright screen at least for me. I have severe photophobia so probably most people will enjoy the bright LED screen but for me I wish it had dimmer non LED screen.

  • 5
    Excellent Must-Have Tool for Any Home

    Posted by Nathaniel Cruz on 5th Oct 2021

    There are no words to explain how important a tool like this is especially in 2021. Safe Living Technologies has delivered a superb product everyone who care about their family should invest in. Thank you SLT!

  • 5
    RF Meter

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Sep 2021

    Great meter for detecting RF signal locations in the house. Tells you a safe range and RF shielding area.

  • 5
    Safe and Sound Pro II

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Aug 2021

    An incredible machine! I am incredibly grateful to have found it. An exceptional investment for my family and our health and well being.

  • 5
    Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter

    Posted by Paul on 30th Jul 2021

    Reliable measurement, very good manufacturing and good value for the price.

  • 5
    EMF Meter

    Posted by mike suto on 23rd Jul 2021

    My intuition said it would be good and easy to use and I am very satisfied---go Canada

  • 5
    safe and sound pro2

    Posted by A. B. on 31st May 2021

    By accident, using the S&S pro2, I discovered that a cell phone emits wifi signal at 3uw/m2 while turned off. Happy that I know it but not happy that a turned off cell phone communicate unknown data during 3 to 5 and minutes. It is because of the sound and sensitivity that I discovered it.

  • 5
    Safe and Sound Pro II

    Posted by Denis Roy on 16th May 2021

    Best meter for the money.

  • 5
    Safe & Sound PRO II RF

    Posted by Susan Armstrong on 27th Apr 2021

    Safe Living Technologies has exceptional customer service. I purchased their Safe and Sound Pro II meter and accidentally left it on my back porch for over a week. I emailed the company afterwards because the meter was not working properly. I asked if I could send it in for repair and received an immediate and positive response. When the meter was opened during repair, it showed extensive moisture damage. However, even though I was to blame, the company gave me a significant discount to purchase a new one. Now I’m able to resume the work of reducing unsafe frequencies at home, which is a high priority for us since my wife is recovering from cancer. Safe Living Technologies is a company that stands behind its word to support people’s health and I’m grateful.

  • 5
    Radio Frequency Meter

    Posted by Bob Connolly on 8th Apr 2021

    I like this meter much better than the Gigahertz because you can carry it around in your pocket - The sound is superb. The USB for power is a great idea for 24/7 monitoring.

  • 4
    Meter usage performance

    Posted by Allen Sheff on 16th Mar 2021

    This is a solid entry level meter, anyone can use and understand better the radiating levels in their own environments. A great way to educate the public and enable them to see and hear the levels they are being exposed with and identify the Local sources within their control. It is a useful tool to clean up and identify your own self caused exposures for a quick fix. A good value for the price and I belive a great tool to get people thinking in the right direction.