RF Meters measure Radio Frequency, Microwave, and High-Frequency

Electromagnetic fields come from Cell towers, smart meters and Wi-Fi

We are living in a world with radio frequency radiation being generated by cell towers, cellphones, wireless routers, wireless-enabled devices, DECT cordless phones, smart meters, smart home systems, gaming consoles, and Bluetooth gadgets, we are at risk in our home and office environments.

Now add the threat of 5G (or 5th generation wireless) and the “Internet of Things” (IoT) which plans to connect everything, both in and outside the home,with wireless transmitters and cellular antennas. This unprecedented level of man-made microwave radiation in our homes, office, schools, transit systems, and public spaces has fundamentally changed our electromagnetic environment. And research shows that this pulsed-modulated radio frequency radiation can be biologically harmful to our bodies.

If you want to measure the levels of radio frequency and microwave radiation in your home, your car, or your work space, Safe Living Technologies provides the best selection of professional RF meters. We carry a wide range of affordable RF meters with capabilities of measuring radio frequency and microwave radiation from 200 MHz up to 12 GHz. Whether you are an individual homeowner seeking to create a safer and healthier environment, or a professional EMF expert providing assessments and mitigation strategies to your clients, we have RF meters to help you assess and reach your safety goals.

When purchasing RF Meters, you will want to consider primary features such as:

    • sensitivity range (lower and upper limit)
    • measurement levels (peak, peak hold, average)
    • antenna axis (single axis, 3-axis, or interchangeable)
    • readout type (numerical, lights, sound, digital)
    • output power source
    • accuracy (RF: +/- dB)
    • ease of use

Measurement is the first step in reduction. Safe Living Technologies is your source for radiofrequency assessment, detection,and protection. We also carry an array of other RF/EMF detectors, EMF meters, and RF accessories, as well as protection products like RF Shielding fabric, Shielded power cables, Bed canopies and more.
Our RF meters and EMF products are available in Canada, the USA and throughout the world. Our skilled EMF professionals are happy to answer any questions and connect you to the right measurement and mitigation tools for your home or business. Contact us today.

An RF meter is a good first step to a safer and healthier home environment. Safe Living Technologies offers a wide selection of EMF and RF products that help combat against exposure to electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies, and microwave radiation. We offer detection items like the radio frequency meter, EMF meter, and body voltage kit. We also carry a broad range of protection products like RF shielding fabric, shielded power cables, bed canopies and more. Browse our selection and find the right EMF and RF mitigation products that fit your needs.


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  • Gigahertz Solutions HF38B RF Meter Gigahertz Solutions HF38B RF Meter Box

    Gigahertz Solutions

    Gigahertz Solutions - HF38B RF Meter

    Gigahertz Solutions HF38B RF Meter Intermediate RF Analyzer / RF Detector Measuring Range (700 MHz – 3.3 GHz) with audio signal analysis - 10 times more sensitive than the HF35C. This meter also includes Peak Hold Settings, Peak Settings and...

    Was: $461.00
    Now: $437.95
  • Gigahertz Solutions HFW35C RF Meter, rf meter, emf protection Gigahertz Solutions HFW35C RF Meter Box Gigahertz Solutions HFW35C RF Meter Components

    Gigahertz Solutions

    Gigahertz Solutions - HFW35C RF Meter

    Gigahertz Solutions - HFW35C RF Meter Specialized, Intermediate Level RF Analyzer For Higher RF Frequencies Specialized Wi-Fi meter for measuring higher frequency sources of radio frequency / microwave radiation (2.4 GHz – 6.0 GHz). This meter...

    $417.05 - $759.05
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