The Growing Number of Cell Towers in My Neighborhood

The Growing Number of Cell Towers in My Neighborhood

Posted by Safe Living Technologies on 15th Dec 2021

Cell Towers in My Neighborhood

There's a new toxin in town: electromagnetic radiation. Humans cannot see it. They cannot hear it. And, the electromagnetic waves penetrating their DNA are stealthy and unnoticeable.

A growing body of research suggests cause for concern. It packs a powerful punch. A recent article in Medical News Today explains various forms of EMF radiation. The article also mentions fertility issues, cancer, organ and tissue damage, and more. Power comes with information and the right tools.

Keep reading for both.

What Is Electromagnetic Radiation?

EMF radiation falls on a spectrum. Low-level devices are at one end and high-level radiation instances anchor the other. Some emitters are part of nature. They are native to the environment. Other culprits are manmade, most often created to make life easier.

On the high end of the spectrum lie x-rays and the sun’s ultraviolet rays, for example. At the other end, investigators have documented an extensive list. It includes man-made technology, like cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, and power lines.

These examples fall at various points on the spectrum. Experts divide them into only two categories: non-ionizing and ionizing. Two criteria determine which category natural and man-made emitters fall into.

Long electromagnetic wavelengths signal possibly harmless electromagnetic radiation as do low frequencies. High frequencies denote potentially harmful levels. Additionally, frequency, measured in hertz (Hz), helps pinpoint the source.

Non-ionizing EMFs are less dangerous. Their frequency is lower, and their wavelength is longer. Additionally, they are not capable of breaking chemical bonds.

Ionizing EMFs are more dangerous. They are powerful enough to break chemical bonds and produce free radicals. Free radicals are also confirmed to be destructive.

When chemical bonds break, the atom may alter its molecular and chemical structure.

Research students link intense levels of EMF with poor health. For instance, cancer, neurologic conditions, memory issues, and other maladies are all connected.

What Is Electromagnetic Energy?

Let’s back up and explore the history. In the late 1800s, a Scottish physicist introduced the concept known as electromagnetism. He looked at particles that have an electric charge, watching their behaviors.

The physicist noted what they do when they interact with each other. He also documented how they respond to the magnetic force fields around them.

He studied protons, that come to the force field with positive electrical charges. He also looked at electrons, because they bring with them negative electrical charges.

Alternating or direct currents generate the force fields. Alternating currents (AC) are usually linked to man-made sources of EMF radiation. An example might be cellular technology.

Naturally occurring examples of EMF emitters use direct currents (DC). The Earth's geomagnetic field and thunderstorms are an example of DC-generated force fields.

Scientists know that these force fields contain radiation. This phenomenon happens with the particles in the force field change velocity.

Investigators categorize the radiation in one of two ways. It is either ionizing or non-ionizing. To determine the category, consider the wavelengths and the frequency created by movement.

The Spark That Led to Cell Phones

The 19th-century discovery also confirmed that sparks can ignite. This happens despite a lack of connections to visible particles.

This discovery marked the beginning of the wireless communication conversation. Inventors now knew communication was possible without any tangible material connecting the speakers. The first radio transmitters leveraged this spark phenomenon.

Today, wireless communication predominantly occurs with cellular devices that rely on cellular towers. Hand-held devices send signals to the towers. Towers send signals to other cellular devices.

This transmission of signals emits electromagnetic radiation. The American Cancer Society (ACS) questions the connection between cellular technology and cancer.

They confirm that although research says there is no relationship, more must be done. Research must explore the long-term effects of EMF radiation exposure from cellular towers. Until researchers complete these investigations, current thinking is inconclusive.

EMF Measurement

Let's talk about how experts measure EMF. Technicians measure EMF radiation with volts per meter (V/m). Electric trains and trams register at 300 V/m, which is considered low, for example.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is known as OSHA. It says that non-ionizing radiation manifests as follows. Look for EMF emissions that are ultraviolet (UV), visible light, infrared (IR), microwave (MW), radio frequency (RF), and extremely low frequency (ELF).

Instances of non-ionizing radiation at each of these points on the spectrum are easily found in our environment, including professional environments. According to OSHA, EMF radiation at these levels may jeopardize a person’s health. To avoid this, proper precautions are not implemented.

Product manufacturers measure the radiation output of their products. They must meet guidelines established by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection. Municipalities are responsible for the output from power lines and cell phone towers.

Technology has put the power of measurement in consumers’ hands, too. Hand-held and portable devices are available. The devices make it possible to measure EMF radiation frequencies for personal property.

With these devices, people are able to manage their own environments – and health.

What are EMF Detectors and Meters?

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) meters have several functions. They find, test, and show changes in electromagnetic energy in a force field. With these details, people can identify EMF radiation.

They can also know when they need protection from it. Flux in the EMF occurs when electrically charged objects move through the space.

The devices may read the space with only one axis, or they may be tri-axial. Single-axis models need the user to move the device through the region. Tri-axial models collect data from three directions simultaneously and with no help.

To get the most accurate measure of a magnetic field, the device should be still. Moving the meter will inflate the reading.

Consider these EMF Meters and Monitors

Two Amazon best-sellers help people who are worried about their own health or the health of those they care for. These meters detect electromagnetic fields. They are the Ultimate EMF Detector: Safe and Sound Pro ll and the Ultimate Pocket EMF Detector: Safe and Sound Classic.

5-G Ready Option

The Ultimate EMF Detector: Safe and Sound Pro II can record radio frequencies that range from 200 MHz to 8 GHz. It is accurate to within 6dB, plus or minus. It is also capable of analyzing the sound to help identify the source of the radiation.

These features make this an ideal device to check cellular radiation. Its capacity extends to the newest 5G technology. It also monitors wireless devices and smart meters.

Safe Living Technologies brought this unit to life. Before introducing it to the market, Safe Living Technologies conducted quality control tests. It partnered with an independent lab to confirm radio frequencies and certification.

Users can select between three volume levels. The device is ideal for electrically hypersensitive users. This is because the unit produces exceptionally low EMF emission levels.

The unit's real-time display is easy to read regardless of the ambient light. It also has especially designed meters. They will measure accurately regardless of the ambient temperature and weather conditions.

This hand-held meter is your go-to for peace-of-mind home measuring.

Power and Portable

The Ultimate Pocket EMF Detector: Safe and Sound Classic is great for first-time users. It is also ideal for newcomers entering the world of EMF detection. It has a simple interface and crystal-clear readings.

It is recognized as one of the easiest detectors available.

This device is also produced by Safe Living Technologies. It is a compact unit that is like the Safe and Sound Pro II, with accuracy rated to within 6dB (high or low). This model is capable of reading EMF radiation coming between 200 MHz and 8 GHz.

The color-coded LEDs identify exposure levels corresponding to Building Biology Guidelines. These guidelines focus on spaces we often visit, including sleeping, eating, and working.

This detector will empower users to instantly discover hidden electromagnetic radiation around them. It covers a wide range of devices, for example, smart meters, baby monitors, and video game consoles.

Preventing Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation

It’s probably impossible to prevent all exposure to electromagnetic radiation. People cannot control the earth’s geomagnetic forces. These forces dictate the EMF generated during natural events.

Additionally, people want to use the time-saving technologies available now. Despite the potentially harmful effects, 21st-century gadgets provide desired functionality.

Health-conscious consumers do have options, though.

The most effective strategy, though, leverages ahead-of-the-curve EMF detectors and monitors. Using these standard-setting devices provides many benefits. For instance, improved sleep, fewer headaches, and mental clarity.

For more information and options to leverage this technology, visit Safe Living Technologies.