The 5G Meter We Can Trust

The 5G Meter We Can Trust

Posted by Roman S. Shapoval, BBA on 14th Nov 2023

The 5G Meter We Can Trust

How The Safe And Sound Pro mmWave Meter Stands Above The Rest

By: Roman S. Shapoval, BBA

Imagine you’re slowly crawling out of a cave into a new, fast-paced world.

You look up, bewildered, expecting to see the night sky brimming with brilliant constellations, only to see a dark canvas full of mechanical, extraterrestrial objects that shine brighter than stars you once remembered.

Your body begins to ache for no apparent reason, your ears ring at an electronic pitch louder than all of the crickets in the jungle.

Your fingers and toes feel a sharp tingle like they once did at the onset of a thunderstorm, yet there is no lightning to behold.

What would you do?

Chances are, your instinct would kick in. You might draw a connection between those “gods” in the sky, as our ancestors saw the sun and moon. You begin to associate your new symptoms with the shiny demons on the horizon. You start to hone and develop tools as our progenitors once did eons ago.

However in this New World, you wouldn’t need stone axes or spears. You would need fire. This primal light’s purpose wouldn’t be to keep you warm as it once had, but to blaze a new way, so that you could avoid offending those angry deities.

Like those humans who were able to create a spark long ago and survive those unfortunate enough to not have the same warmth, you would be the one carrying this primordial flame for generations to come.

What would this original torch look like?

How would you design such a tool, so that you could navigate this nebulous abyss of modern danger?

What if I were to tell you that this tool has already been invented?

Rob Metzinger has been tracking this torrent of electromagnetic radiation streaming into our new world since the year 2000, and is the founder of Safe Living Technologies (SLT), which offers tested and certified products that specialize in the detection and mitigation of EMF (electromagnetic fields).

However, Rob is not only an entrepreneur. He has an extensive background as an electronics engineering technologist; he is certified as an ElectroMagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS); and he is a senior EMR (ElectroMagnetic Radiation) instructor at the Building Biology Institute.

Rob and his team at SLT have designed their own line of meters, which are made with the most chemically and electrically sensitive individuals in mind.

Rob has also personally worked with some of the leaders in the field of EMFs, such as Oram Miller and Arthur Firstenberg.

World-renowned environmental toxicologist Dr. Magda Havas even selected another device designed by SLT, the Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter, for her Global RF Project.

Introducing The Modern Torch To Light Our Way

Unlike many other 5G meters on the market, this meter is capable of measuring the high band frequencies that are already live in major US cities.

Four Reasons The Safe and Sound Pro mmWave Meter Is The Better Choice

Made In North America

Not only does it detect high band frequencies, it’s also North America’s first-ever consumer-level 5G meter.


Since this meter is consumer-level, this means that it’s the first 5G meter that is a fraction of the cost of most professional-type meters.

Tested By An Independent Third-Party

Thanks to the available third party testing (results linked here), users can be assured that there is very little margin of error between what the mmWave meter reads and the actual levels of 5G exposure in the environment.

Able To Detect Many Other Sources Of 5G

Radiofrequency (RF) radiation like 5G can reflect off surfaces and literally radiates, coming at us from multiple directions. The semi omni-directional antenna that comes with this meter measures RF in a figure “8” pattern:

This type of antenna acts like our human body by being able to detect energy fields from left to right, up and down, and front to back. As a result, this meter can accurately measure the following:

  • 5G cell towers
  • 5G cell phone emissions
  • higher frequency radar
  • other 5G high band devices

Bells And Whistles We Actually Need

One of the aspects that makes 5G different than 3G and 4G is the substantial increase in what is known as power density, measured in microwatts per square meter (µW/m²).

We are surrounded by various types of EMFs, and 5G will not replace, but only add to and amplify all of the existing radiofrequency energy around us

You can think of power density versus energy in this way:

(The mug has a high power density because it is capable of emptying all its contents instantly, compared to upending the jug, which would take awhile to release its contents, giving it a low power density. However, the jug has more water (energy) than the mug.)

The millimeter waves of high-band 5G are shorter and more compressed than previous versions of cellular networks like 3G and 4G.

The Safe and Sound Pro mmWave Meter is capable of precise measurements at low power density levels, with the option to measure higher levels of power density as well.

Why are low power density levels important to measure?

Research from The Building Biology Institute, along with scores of independent studies, have shown that a persistent low-level signal from a cell phone tower or Wi-Fi network may have a larger impact than a strong signal.

Why Do You Need A 5G Meter?

Wouldn’t you want to have all of the information at hand so that you can take decisive action in your health?

There have been over 10,000 independent peer-reviewed studies showing biological harm from EMFs and frequencies of 5G. Emerging symptoms after 5G deployment can include neurological symptoms, tinnitus, fatigue, insomnia, emotional distress, skin disorders, and blood pressure variability.

Don’t Let 5G Stay In Your Blindspot

Did you know that many cars, which are currently on the road, such as the 2020 Lincoln Nautilus model, emit high band 5G frequencies?

Did you know that even the automatic sliding doors of many supermarkets have sensors that emit 5G mmWave radiation?

Like those cavemen who had fire and the wisdom to foretell the future by the position of the stars, let us be the ones who not only survived, but paved the way for future generations.

"You Are More Powerful Than You Know," - Roman S. Shapoval

Roman S. Shapoval is a Building Biology Advocate (BBA), holistic lifestyle mentor, and author of the Substack blog, The Power Couple.

Roman’s goal is to make EMFs so simple that even a child can understand them.