Global RF Project - Needs Volunteers

Global RF Project - Needs Volunteers

Posted by Safe Living Technologies on 12th May 2021

Global RF Project

 March 3, 2021. Radio frequency radiation (RFR) is invisible. It has no smell or taste and you can’t feel it, so it is difficult to know when you are exposed and how high your exposures are. The government is not monitoring RFR and unless you have your own meter you do not know if levels in your immediate environment are elevated and possibly unhealthy.

Current Situation

Our attempts to connect with Health Canada have been futile. They simply won’t listen and they still provide inaccurate information on their website about RFR. Unfortunately, other health agencies at the provincial or municipal level are unwilling to challenge Health Canada. People in Canada and the Canadian environment are NOT protected against the increasing levels of RFR.

Unfortunately, when it comes to environmental contaminants–like DDT, PCBs, asbestos, tobacco, lead, mercury–the science precedes policy

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What can we do about this?

I have an idea but it will take the help of hundreds of people around the world.

We now have a large population that is aware of the health effects of RFR. We also have accurate and relatively inexpensive meters that measure RFR. One of those meters is called the Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter available at Safe Living Technologies.

It is time for Community-Based Research and Citizen Scientists to get involved and to volunteer to do monitoring in their area.

The concept of citizen scientist is not new and citizens have been helping professional scientists for a long time. Some of the principles of citizen science are provided here.

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Become a Volunteer - All I need to know is the following:

  1. Do you have (or can you borrow) the Safe and Sound Pro II RF meter?
  2. City that you are willing to measure. Please provide country (province/state) as well.
  3. Amount of time you are willing to spend volunteering. 2 hours, more than 2 hours as your time permits on projects of your choice.

Please contact me at if you would like to participate in this or subsequent community-based projects.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Magda Havas, PhD.

Electrosmog and Electrosensitivity

Dr. Havas is concerned with the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution including radio frequency radiation, electromagnetic fields, dirty electricity, and ground current. She works with diabetics as well as with individuals who have multiple sclerosis, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and those who are electrically hypersensitive. She also conducts research on sick building syndrome as it relates to power quality in schools.