Grounding Kits

Grounding Kits for EMF Painted Walls, Bed Canopies, Fabrics & Meshes

Many EMF Shielding Products should  be grounded for optimal performance! Our professional grounding kits and grounding accessories can serve as a base for these grounding measures. 

PLEASE NOTE: The grounding process must be completed by a licensed electrician. 

Self-adhesive, conductive fleece grounding tape is used under shielding paints, to bridge cracks and to join adjacent surfaces with superior adhesive force.

The glue on the GSX10 / GSX50 Grounding Tape is electrically conductive and therefore can be applied under or on top of EMF shielding paint. Ideally it is applied underneath the layer of EMF shielding paint. With a new and improved glue, the GSX10 & GSX50 sticks very well, even on difficult underground surfaces. For surfaces that the tape will not adhere to, we recommend the AF3 Carbon Fiber Additive

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Safe and Sound RF-ECO Paint Installation and Grounding

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