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April 22nd - 28th 2024

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We often think that nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle are the keys to wellness. But, what if our internal home environment also greatly affects our longevity and health more than we realize?

After examining homes for 23 years, host Caroline Blazovsky – America’s Healthy Home Expert®️ – believes that our homes are, in fact, one of the primary keys to health and wellness. Homes that are not properly maintained and cleaned for toxins can lead to a plethora of problems that contribute to health issues.

Fortunately, changes to your living and working environment can provide you with the opportunity to improve your health and prevent disease. You can benefit from learning to eliminate or reduce molds, allergens, VOCs, carcinogens, formaldehydes, pesticides and EMFs! Join us to discover how to create a home for you and your family that fosters health and promotes a healthier planet!


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