EMF Medical Conference 2024

EMF Medical Conference 2024

Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of EMF Associated Illness

Biological and health effects of electromagnetic field exposure are scientifically established and no longer deniable.

Science continues to demonstrate, in over 2000 peer reviewed publications, clear adverse health effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure on humans, animals, and plants. What was once debatable is now scientifically and clinically clear to the growing number of healthcare professionals familiar with EMF science. Worldwide, patients and clinicians are observing and documenting cases of EMF associated illness. These patients present with a wide variety of symptoms and conditions that abate or significantly improve with EMF assessment and exposure reduction.



The Conference Was Designed To:

Increase awareness among healthcare practitioners of the potential adverse effects of electromagnetic field exposure.

Increase practitioner ability to use a methodology of assessment, examination, diagnosis and treatment as suggested by international medical specialty groups for assessing EMF associated illness.

Attendees will become familiar with the evidence that exists regarding the relationship of EMF exposure to specific health conditions, and learn about the tools necessary to assess exposure, strategies for prevention, avoidance, and treatment.

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