EMF Shielding Paint - Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a growing concern in our wireless technology-dependent world. EMF meters can show you the level of EMF in your home from these devices as well as from outside sources like your neighbors, cell towers, smart meters and more. For outside concerns, you need protection within your house. Safe Living Technologies’ RF shielding paint is perfect for outside and inside application to reduce the levels of RF and EMF within your home.

Our RF shielding paint provides protection against RF radiation, microwave and also from low-frequency electric fields if grounded properly by a licensed electrician. If you have been experiencing electromagnetic hypersensitivity, our shielding paint is an excellent product to help you mitigate the RF and EMF levels in your environment. Our shielding paint is just one of the many products we have for RF and EMF home protection.

If you would like to reduce the levels of RF and EMF in your home environment, browse Safe Living Technologies’ products like EMF meters, shielding materials and paint as well as the resources and services we offer for EMF and RF mitigation today.