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If you are looking for an EMF shielding device for home, EMF protection from your homes wiring, especially in your bed room, the Remote Cut Off Switch is a great choice. Most residential homes still use unshielded wiring (Romex, Knob and Tube) which causes increased electric fields. With a press of a single button, one can shutoff up to 4 branch circuits in the home without having to physically flip the breaker switch. 

The Remote Cut Off Switch also is recommended to be installed when using a RF Shielding Bed Canopy. If the home has unshielded wiring, electric fields can be attracted to the metal woven into the fabric and increase the electric fields present. That’s why it is necessary to measure using an EMF meter and an RF Meter before and after installing these products.
If you want to further shield the rest of your home from other EMR sources, Safe Living Technologies offers a variety of shielding products that can be found by clicking here.

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  • Safe Living Technologies 15 Meter Antenna Cable for RCS4

    Safe Living Technologies

    Antenna - 15 Meter Cable

    Antenna - 15 Meter Cable Antenna including a 15 Meter / 49 foot cable to decrease the distance between the antenna and the Remote Cut Off Switch Transmitter. Most Remote Cut Off switches are mounted beside breaker panels, below grade and in basements...

  • RCS4 Spare Transmitter Safe Living Technologies Transmitter for RCS4

    Safe Living Technologies

    RCS4 Spare Transmitter

    RCS4 Spare Transmitter Additional transmitter for the Remote Cut Off Switch from the current Remote Cutoff Switch.  The switch will need to be paired with your Remote Cutoff Switch by using the program button on the switch itself. Hand Held...

  • USB Grounding Cable Kit USB To Ground Cord Grounding Plug USB-C Adapter USB To Ground Cord Laptop

    Safe and Sound

    USB Grounding Cable Kit

    USB Grounding Adapter for Laptops and Other Devices Ideal for grounding electronic devices with a USB port, such as laptops, to help reduce low frequency AC electric fields. Ground Plug is designed for North American wall or power outlets...

    $9.99 - $19.99
  • Grounding Plug Grounding Peg USB Cord Ring Connector Alligator Connector

    Safe and Sound

    Grounding Accessory Options

    Grounding Accessory Options Please choose and add to cart as needed. Available: Ground Plug For North America Plugs 1 Metre Banana Lead Cable 5 Metre Banana Lead Cable Alligator Clip for Banana Lead Ring Connector for Banana Lead Big Clamp with...

  • Ground Plug Ground Plug Back Ground Plug Ground Plug Ground Plug

    Ground Plug

    Ground Plug Ground plugs for Body Voltage Test Kits and grounding of EMF shielding mesh, foil, shielding fabric and more. Can be used to ground an EMF meter for "Grounded Electric Field Measurements". Designed for North American wall outlets...

  • Shielded Power Cord Male and Female ends of Shielded Power Cord Safe Living Technologies Shielded Power Cord End Removed (Useful to have an electrician rewire a device that requires a shielded power cord ie lamp)

    Safe Living Technologies

    Shielded Power Cords

    Shielded Power Cords Eliminate unwanted AC Electric Fields from electronic devices and appliances. Shielded AC Power Cords 120 Volt - available in 12 feet and 6 feet lengths. Detect, protect and verify: three steps to achieving peace of mind...

    $9.95 - $12.95
  • Safe Living Technologies Mounting Rail for Contactors

    Safe Living Technologies

    Demand Switch Mounting Rail

    Demand Switch Mounting Rail - 6 Inches Supplied with purchase of a demand switch Required to mount the Demand Switch and Remote Cut Off Switch Includes: 6 inch DIN Rail: Qty=1

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