Why Your Business Should Invest In EMF Shielding Window Film

Why Your Business Should Invest In EMF Shielding Window Film

Posted by Safe Living Technologies Inc. on 2nd May 2023

EMF Window Film

Why Should Your Business Invest In EMF Shielding Window Film?

When most businesses think office security, they think indoor locks, alarm systems, and advanced physical systems. But there is another threat just outside of your building, one you don’t always suspect or see! Wi-Fi and network break-ins. A Wi-Fi break-in is a hole into your network security, and it is available just outside your office without the proper protective measures in place, confidential data and electronic information could be easily compromised.

Phones, computers, voice recorders, Bluetooth devices, and other office products emit electronic signals - and these signals often span beyond an office's walls and are detected from outside, making it convenient for others to eavesdrop on or steal these signals. As a result, systems may be hacked, and confidential and sensitive data compromised. It is likely that these signals are leaking through unsecured glass windows, underscoring the need to properly protect these parts of the building.

The reason your business should invest in EMF window film is to safeguard your data/network. But there are benefits to window films that extend beyond data security. Here is a closer look at how investing in EMF protection and RF shielding can enhance your company's overall network security.

How Does EMF Shielding Window Film Help?

Investing in RF window film will enhance your building's digital security. Window films help mitigate eavesdropping and electronic data theft by preventing RF signals from extending beyond your building. The best window films exceed the RF attenuation standards set by the U.S. Department of Defense and can be confidently used on exterior-facing windows or sensitive compartmented information facilities.

EMF Window Film

How To Protect Yourself With EMF Blocking Film and Secure An Office

Protecting Against Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

EMI typically occurs from an outside source creating unwanted noise or interference. Hackers can use EMI to infiltrate data centers and systems to disrupt a business or steal sensitive information. EMF window film is designed to protect against EMI, specifically mobile communications technologies. It also protects your furniture from UV exposure.

Is EMF Blocking Film Always On?

Unlike physical security systems that must be programmed or activated to work properly, EMF window film is always working and on. Just think of window film as a security feature that's working 24/7 to protect your company’s data. It is an easy to install and cost-effective method of protection.

Does EMF Window Film Help Enhance Security?

EMF window film can enhance security as well. Window films are tested to withstand impact from forced entry by helping reinforce the strength of the glass and offering spall control, which helps prevent debris and broken glass from dangerously scattering everywhere in the event it breaks. This feature can help minimize damage, enhance safety and forced entry.

EMF Window Film

Does EMF Window Film Help Energy Conservation?

A final benefit of EMF window film is that it reduces utility costs. Solar control window films can help reduce heat gains during the summer and heat loss during the winter, helping a company save up to 15% on heating and cooling costs. Additionally, these films can reduce glare from the sun and offer UV protection for furnishings and other office accessories that could become sun-damaged over time.

EMF window films from Signal Protect by Safe Living Technologies are designed to be quickly applied in retrofit applications to the interior pane of any window and they can be used in conjunction with other RF shielding material or fabric. EMF window film is designed to offer immediate EMF protection and improved RF attenuation.

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