Where To Store Your Cell Phone At Night

Where To Store Your Cell Phone At Night

Posted by Safe Living Technologies on 25th Oct 2023

Where To Store Your Cell Phone At Night

Leaving electronics plugged in at night can be hazardous towards your overall health. 

This is because at night, your body is meant to rest; to heal and repair itself. If your electronics are plugged in beside where you are sleeping at night emitting EMF and RF, it will result in poor sleep patterns and interfere with your body's overall ability to heal and repair itself. 

Recommended Precautions To Take

Try charging your electronics before you go to sleep or in a separate room on airplane mode ensuring Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned off. This will avoid sleep interferences and diminish overall health hazards. 

You can also put your phone in the Safe and Sound Cell Phone Bag for further shielding on nights you are leaving your devices unplugged.

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