US Tech Magazine: EMF Mitigation With SLT

US Tech Magazine: EMF Mitigation With SLT

Posted by Allyn Shunk on 11th Apr 2023

EM Solutions Helps Safe Living Technologies Make The Invisible, Visible.

Electromagnetic fields (known as EMF) can represent an "invisible threat" to the human body. This is according to a number of studies that indicate that high levels of high-frequency electro-smog can have negative biological effects.

Rob Metzinger, president and founder of Safe Living Technologies (SLT) and electronics engineering technologist, founded his company in 2006 out of extreme concern for this phenomenon as the wireless technology boom was beginning. From Metzinger's point of view, it is in our best interest to minimize exposure to these invisible forces as much as possible, which is where SLT comes in.

EMF Mitigation And Detection

SLT's products are all about detection and mitigation of EMF. They offer top-of-the-line products to help find EMF sources and intensities, along with tested and certified products to help shield against them. Their own product line, the Safe and Sound series of RF meters and accessories are all tested and backed by scientific research.

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Writen By: Allyn Shunk