The #1 EMF We Can All Reduce In Our Home

The #1 EMF We Can All Reduce In Our Home

Posted by Roman S Shapoval on 17th Jun 2024

The #1 EMF We Can All Reduce In Our Home

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”

― Desiderius Erasmus

If you’re worried about 5G, you’ll be surprised to know that you may already be living inside a cell tower.

When we have dirty electrical (DE) fields embedded within our home wiring, we can produce very high amounts of radiofrequency (RF), measured in power density (uW/m 2, microwatts per meter squared). Power density is defined as the amount of power per unit volume.

“Just 19.4 Volts per meter of an electric field with kHz frequencies embedded within the 60 Hertz field is equal to 1,000,000 uW/m 2 of a cell tower.”

― Paul Harding, Total EMF Solutions

In a 2023 study1 by Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation, researchers found that men who lived in top apartments next to 5G antennas were exposed to RF values up to 1,180,000 μW/m 2. While living here, study participants experienced headaches, dizziness, fatigue, joint stiffness, and insomnia. Once they left these dwellings, their symptoms disappeared after a few weeks.

To put this into perspective, safety guidelines set by the European Parliament in 2001 cited a maximum exposure to RF of 100 uW/m 2.

We measure the home's electric field in Volts per meter. Wireless transmissions are typically measured in uW/m 2, microwatts per meter squared. They are EMF and are a measurement of density. When the home contains dirty electricity frequencies the skin impedance, or the ability to resist electrical current, changes. Skin impedance is measured in Ohms.

If our 60 Hz home wiring is clean, our total body impedance is 3,000 Ohms but when DE frequencies are present the total body impedance lowers to just above 500 Ohms letting this electric field couple with the human body. The goal is to remove the DE so our skin can protect against electric fields that go internal to the human body.

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How do we know if we’ve turned our home into a 5G cell tower?

By first knowing how to measure radiofrequency.

Where do we measure EMF in our home?

In order to eat the beast of radiation one byte at a time, we must prioritize.

This is a basic framework of how we advise our clients and students to get R-I-D of EMF:

Priority 1: Reduce EMFs you can control

Priority 2: Increase distance from EMF you can’t avoid

Priority 3: Decrease outside sources of EMF

Priority 4: Shield ourselves when all else fails

In this article we’ll focus a bit on priorities 1 and 2.

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