​RF radiation is so out of control

​RF radiation is so out of control

Posted by Arthur Firstenberg on 21st Nov 2022

RF radiation is so out of control that we will not have a planet to live on shortly, unless it is turned off. Mitigation is less and less effective. With radiation coming from city sidewalks, approximately 25 wireless devices in the average home, antennas in rainforests, at the bottoms of the oceans, and in orbit around the earth, there is no refuge from it anywhere, any more. And there will be no refuge - unless the general public becomes involved. Right now, almost nobody even knows that wireless devices radiate; they certainly do not know that their own cell phone is their largest exposure to radiation, and it is the driving force behind the radiating infrastructure. We scientists, activists and professionals talking to one another (and occasionally protesting) does not communicate with the public at large.

Last week I sent out a newsletter to my subscribers, launching a global “NO Cell Phone!” campaign. It contains a pledge form listing the relevant facts, and it links to a signature form on which people can either promise to get rid of their cell phone by the Spring Equinox 2023, or state that they do not have and will not acquire a cell phone. The newsletter, now posted on my website, is here: https://cellphonetaskforce.org/no-cell-phone-campaign-launched-worldwide/.

The pledge forms and signature forms have been translated, so far, into twelve languages by my contacts in other countries. Here is the website that has the forms in all the languages: www.ECHOEarth.org.

Arthur Firstenberg

Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life