mmWave Testing by Oram Miller and Mitch Marchand

mmWave Testing by Oram Miller and Mitch Marchand

Posted by Oram Miller & Mitch Marchand on 12th Jul 2023

mmWave Testing by Oram Miller and Mitch Marchand July 11, 2023

Here is a summary of our observations yesterday. Please note that this is based on one-time measurements and further measurements are needed before we can generalize.

1. Constant Transmissions from mmWave Antennas were observed in a residential area with nobody around or other devices triggering a beam form.

  • These can be easily detected within 150 ft of the antenna.
  • The signal seems to peak around 1000 to 2000 uw/m2 at about 25 feet from the antenna.

2. When a download /upload was initiated from the phone (speed test) the following was observed with the duo of meters.

  • Near the phoneinside the beam(Video 1 - horn + horn close to phone,Video 2 Horn + Stub near phone,Video 3- 3 feet from phone Horn + Stub)
    • Change in audible signature
    • Significant transmission from antenna (mmWave + Horn pegged at 31000uw/m2)
    • Significant transmission from phone (mmWave + Horn pegged at 31000 uW/m2)
    • The beam maybe 3 to 4 feet in diameter or more at 85 ft from the antenna. (Video 4Horn pointing at antenna moving away from the phone)
    • What I learned: We will need to use an attenuator to evaluate the maximum power density when taking further measurements.
  • Far from the phoneoutside the beam(~30 ft) outside of the beam (Video 1,Video 2)
    • Change in audible signature detected from the antenna (used horn antenna)
    • Slight increase in peak value but a more significant increase in avg value = a more dense rf signal.
3. How to check if you have the stub or horn configured in the meter. Check the avg after hitting reset. <0.50 = Horn, <5.00 = stub.Video Cheers,
Testing Performed by Mitch Marchand & Oram Miller