Four states. Four More Wins.

Four states. Four More Wins.

Posted by The Art Team on 5th Oct 2021

After months of non-stop lobbying, letter writing campaigns, op-ed submissions, testifying at public hearings, and so, so much more...

...on Monday, October 4th, Governor News Room Voted SB-556.

556 was a telecom-industry sponsored bill that would have removed significant local control over the deployment of 5G antennas in communities across the entire State of California.

The telecoms thought they had this one in the bag...until they didn't.We want to reiterate our sincere thanks to all of the individuals and groups in California and beyond who helped make this victory possible. We are proud to have played a part in this great, collective success.


Four states. Four more wins.What's the winning strategy for cell towers?

1.Sylvania, OH- In a 6-0 vote, Sylvania, OH City Council unanimously denies construction of 140-foot Tarpon Towers/Verizon cell tower at Northview High School. (To our knowledge, the City Council has not yet issued a written decision on this matter. However, you can view a recording of the final vote on the tower beginning at minute 15:10 of this video.)Note: We were happy to assist Sylvania residents defeat this ill-sited facility.

2.Lakeland, FL -Lakeland wins lawsuit over proposed cell tower near historic Dixieland. Read the news here. Forward the court's written decisionto your local elected officials (mayor, city council members, city attorney, etc.). Let them know that they can legally fight towers on the basis of aesthetics and historic preservation! Note: This news is from July, 2021.

3.Brawley, CA -City Council unanimously rejects proposed installation of cell tower in heart of residential area, adjacent to playing fields. Read the news here. Note: We were happy to assist Brawley residents defeat this ill-sited facility.

4.Loudon County, VA -Loudoun County Board of Supervisors denies proposed AT&T cell tower facility atop Short Hill Mountain ridgeline due to aesthetic concerns and community backlash. Read the news here.