Environmentally-Safe Technology – Part 3

Environmentally-Safe Technology – Part 3

Posted by Dreamvisions 7 Radio on 7th Oct 2023

Environmentally-Safe Technology – Part 3

Guest Cecelia Doucette, Director of Massachusetts for Safe Technology, Education Services Director for Wireless Education

Invisible and unseen, electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation is increasingly impacting environmental sustainability, human health and safety. EMF emitters include cell towers, cell phones, portable tablets, smart meters, and wearables, like fitbits and ear pods. Few people realize how much the growing wireless technology sector contributes to carbon emissions, climate change and chronic health issues. The high energy requirements of wireless translate into high carbon emissions. One report states that “one click on Google uses about 11-watt hours of energy – the same amount it takes to run a compact fluorescent light bulb for an hour.” This episode leads deeper into all these aspects of wireless technology.

The good news is that there are many ways people can rewire their premises and rethink their technology use in order to reduce climate impact, health risks and illness – at home, at school and in the workplace. In Parts 1 and 2, guest Cecelia Doucette, Director of Massachusetts for Safe Technology, introduced the topics of safe technology, wireless education, community action, coalition building and the need for well-informed legal and legislative policies. Doucette returns in Part 3 to deliver more.

Cecelia (Cece) DoucetteDoucette’s organization is building coalitions of citizens who act as advocates on a town-by-town basis to educate their neighbors and work proactively with local governments, legislators and state agencies for safe, sustainable technology. Massachusetts has led the nation for several years with bills to address the health, environmental and economic impact of today’s wireless technology. Doucette helped her children’s schools become the first in the nation to take precautionary measures with wireless technology. She is also the Education Services Director with the international non-profit Wireless Education, which offers affordable 30-minute on-line technology safety training for Schools & Families and Corporate Safety Induction.

Unseen and unknown, EMF radiation is the invisible E-lephant in the room that can be made visible with an RF meter, as demonstrated in Wendy’s Story Walking Journal photoblog Eco-DEtechTIVE Climate Report: E-LEPHANT in the Room. Check Part 1, Part 2 and the related photoblogs.

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Take Immediate Action

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