Detecting mmWaves In Boston

Detecting mmWaves In Boston

Posted by Rob Metzinger and Cece Doucette on 28th Aug 2023

Detecting mmWaves In Boston

Measuring mmWaves With The Safe and Sound Pro mmWave

When measuring and assessing exposures with the Safe and Sound Pro mmWave meter, it is best to use the black Stub semi-omnidirectional antenna to assess total body exposure. We like to scan in a figure 8 pattern for 30 seconds and capture the peak measurement. The best sensitivity is holding the meter flat and having the SLT logo on the antenna facing the source.

The horn antenna is for primarily for locating sources and detecting very low sources down to 0.5 uW/m2. If you want to assess total body exposure levels we recommend using the black stub antenna.

Here is the data for our antennas. They are calibrated I our own anechoic chamber. These 2 graphs pretty well say it all when it comes to what you are measuring. Good news, your meter and this model will now measure down to 20GHz so the effective range is 20 GHz – 40 GHz with the Stub but 25GHz - 40 GHz with the horn.

Watch The Safe and Sound Pro mmWave Horn Antenna Detect mmWaves

Watch The Safe and Sound Pro mmWave Stub Antenna Detect mmWaves