7 Reasons to Use EMF-RF Paint to Secure Your Office or Home

7 Reasons to Use EMF-RF Paint to Secure Your Office or Home

Posted by Safe Living Technologies on 3rd Apr 2023

Whether you're looking to creating a FCIF (Faraday compartmented office facility) in your home or office or just want to enhance the protection of your digital data from outside threats, there are plenty of ways to do it. Solutions like RF window films to foils to EMF paint help enhance electromagnetic shielding and prevent data theft and hacking devices from windows, walls and ceilings.

A Great Option That Makes Sense Is Conductive Paint, Such As The NEW Safe and Sound RF-ECO 5G Shielding Paint

Here's a look at what you need to know:

1. It's Versatile

One of the biggest advantages of using Safe and Sound RF-Eco Paint is how versatile it is. It can be applied on primed drywall, wood panels, metal, and even concrete surfaces. Following application, you're able to paint over the conductive coating with standard paint so the RF paint remains discrete and you can style the office environment how you see fit.

2. It Can Go Where Foil Cannot

One key advantage to using conductive paint is that it can be applied to areas that foil cannot. Since paint is porous, it's easy to fit into the nooks and crannies where it may be difficult to install foil and films.

3. It's Fast and Easy to Apply

Safe and Sound RF-Eco Paint is applied the same way standard paint is - it can be sprayed, brushed or rolled on. Safe and Sound RF-Eco Paint dries just as any conventional paint does, though a full day of curing is often necessary to achieve maximum signal attenuation.

4. It's Non-Toxic

Safe and Sound RF-Eco Paint is water-based and non-toxic. Because it's not solvent-based, breathing protection and other PPE isn't required when applying it. It's also easy to clean up.

5. It Can Be Layered

Just as an additional coat of conventional paint can further bring out a room's color, an additional coat of Safe and Sound RF-Eco Paint can provide better overall shielding coverage.

6. It's Cost Effective

A gallon of Safe and Sound RF-Eco Paint covers 172 - 344 square feet, allowing for cost-effective coverage.

7. It's Made in the Canada/Germany

Safe and Sound RF-Eco Paint is manufactured in the Canada/Germany. In addition to the product being made under quality standards that can be trusted.

For more information on the benefits of Safe and Sound RF-Eco Paint just click here. As a leading distributor of Safe and Sound RF-Eco Shielding Paint, we'll help guide you on specific areas in your office where the conductive paint can help safeguard your space. Contact us today for more Free information or visit our products page to learn more.