5G Fifth Generation Cellular Technology

5G Fifth Generation Cellular Technology

Posted by Oram Miller on 13th Jun 2023

Report of Measurement of millimeterWave 5G Cellular Signals with Safe and Sound Pro mmWave 5G and FM5 RF Meters

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I have recently acquired in early June 2023 the Safe and Sound Pro mmWave 5G RF Meter from Safe Living Technologies as one of their beta testers. I have also had the FM5 mmWave 5G RF Meter from Shielded Healing since late 2022.

I have used the FM5 mmWave Meter for more than six months on client jobs and have not found mmWave 5G signals at client’s homes until just recently in an urban environment.

mmWave Measurements Taken In Southern California

This is a report of measurements taken of mmWave 5G installations in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, California in early June 2023. Both mmWave 5G arrays were mounted high upon utility and light poles on busy streets, Wilshire Boulevard (and 15th Street) in Santa Monica and Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, near Hollywood.

Both antenna arrays had three rectangular elements that were independently mounted. mmWave antennas are shorter than the taller, thin 4G LTE antennas we have seen for decades. Each antenna is aimed roughly 120 degrees apart from the other two, thereby covering 360 degrees. See the following photos.

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