Meet The Team

Coming Onboard Means Joining The Family Business!


Rob – EMR Technician, Founder / President


Rob was originally a Conestoga College Graduate in Electronics Engineering Technology before he began to grow an interest in EMF and RF mitigation. Since the early 2000’s, Rob has successfully completed the Institute of Building Biology USA, Electromagnetic Radiation training and also acquired his Building Biology Environmental Consultant Certificate. He is currently an educator with IBE, teaching a week long seminar on EMR to share his extensive knowledge and passion on this topic. Rob is passionate about creating the safest home environment possible for his own family, along with others. In his spare time, he enjoys going on fly in fishing trips and travelling throughout the Caribbean. He spends his nights off by the pool with his wife and enjoying his time with his family.



Sharon – Accounting Manager


Sharon has been working as an experienced accounting manager for most of her career, and has been an accountant for SLT since its earliest days. After learning more about the effects of EMR on the human body, she has gained a keen interest in creating a safe home for her family. Sharon also is passionate about travelling, and enjoys spending her time off exploring Caribbean islands. When she’s not spending time with her family, she is out relaxing by the pool with her husband, or travelling to Northern Ontario for a weekend getaway.


Zack – EMR Technician 


Zack is a graduate of Conestoga College’s Electronics Engineering program, and has been working as an EMR technician with SLT for over six years. He is one of our most experienced EMR Technicians and is extremely passionate about helping others understand EMF mitigation. One of his favourite parts of his job is working with his others to problem solve and consistently learn off each other in this ever-expanding industry. In his free time, Zack loves to spend time outdoors, practicing activities such as fishing, camping and hunting. You might even find Zack practicing his basketball tricks during his time off.


Tyler – EMR Technician 


Tyler is a graduate of Conestoga College’s Electronics Engineering Technician program. He has been working as an EMR Technician with SLT since 2020. After gaining some work experience in the field of RF technology, he developed a keen interest about the effects of EMR on the human body. Tyler also has a background in music technology and performance – you might even catch him playing drums somewhere in Canada. He loves to spend time outdoors, and playing sports like pickleball and BJJ.


Natalie – Order Processing Clerk 


Natalie has been an SLT employee for over two years, and she works efficiently as an order processing clerk in our shipping and receiving department. With a pervious education in healthcare, Natalie is passionate about protecting herself, and others from the negative health effects related to EMF and RF radiation. Living by the motto “natural is always better,” she is a very health conscious individual, and has even taken on the role as the SLT Health and Safety Representative. Natalie has even brought in a new member of the team – the office cat, Max. You can catch Natalie singing to her favourite songs in her spare time and exploring new music.



Kevin – Junior EMR Technician 


Kevin is a graduate of Conestoga College’s Electrical Engineering Technology program. He has recently joined the SLT team as a Jr. EMR Technician. He has a passion for helping others create a safer living environment, and thoroughly enjoys working in the company of our supportive and helpful team. Kevin is also a huge sports fan; you might even catch him playing volleyball during his time off! He loves to work on cars in his spare time, and enjoy the day out with friends and family, shopping around and trying out different restaurants.


Tony – Marketing Manager


Tony is a graduate of the Sheridan/Humber Media Arts Engineering program and works as the SLT Digital Marketing Specialist/Manager. With over 25 years of experience, he has a passion of creating memorable and successful campaigns, and is consistently looking for new resources to help him grow his knowledge and expertise on EMF mitigation. Tony’s favourite part of his job is helping others as he has taken on a large leadership role in the company. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and exploring a variety of natural habitats with his Border Collie Whiskey.


Ellie – Marketing Coordinator


Ellie is a graduate from Conestoga College in the Advertising and Marketing Communications program. She has a love for graphic design and coming up with interactive ideas and designs, that spread awareness on the effects of EMF and RF radiation. She also has a background in makeup artistry and aesthetics, and has a strong value for creativity. Her favourite part of her job is having the opportunity to get creative while making new videos, booklets, and designs to express the importance of EMF mitigation. Ellie enjoys to spend as much time outdoors as possible; camping and exploring new areas in Northern Ontario. You will likely find her enjoying the day at a local quarry in her spare time.