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At Safe Living Technologies™, we provide EMF & RF testing equipment. Our affiliated professional technicians are certified to provide information for assessing and recommending professional RF meters and EMF meter detection equipment. Consider Safe Living Technologies™ the first step towards finding out how to mitigate control by reducing EMF radiation in living spaces.

Safe Living Technologies™ offers a comprehensive range of professional consulting services and RF testing equipment to register and communicate awareness of high concentration levels of electromagnetic frequency radiation and EMI. Established in 2006, our founders, through education, discipline, and engineering, discovered the importance of understanding radiation's genetic effects. Our experts will consult and answer any questions you may have. Our ecology, applications of technologically, advanced RF shielding materials and education for home and business consultations are available here. Through our dedication to comprehensive research and development, training, and instruction, we are pleased to work with a network of senior certified EMR technicians.

EMF Consulting Services

RF Reading Levels

Radio Frequency readings registering between 5 Hz – 1 MHz can be considered low-frequency on the spectrum. High-frequency Radio Frequency EMF and Radio Frequency analysis with RF exposure guideline information can be found here.

EMF Reading Levels

EMF Assessments are offered for both residential homes and commercial locations. EMF measurements are captured at strategic points throughout the home or workplace at its source. Assessment and mitigation through EMF blocking and interior shielding materials is the first step to contributing to healthy ecology for home and body, protecting the circadian rhythm's long-term health.

Residential EMF Testing

Residential EMF Testing focuses on the sleeping areas and reduction areas where we check for the following:

    • AC Magnetic Fields – High voltage power lines, transformers, appliances, etc.
    • AC Electric Fields – Household wiring, appliances, cables, computers, etc.
    • DC Magnetic Fields - Building Materials, mattresses, etc.
    • DC electric Fields – Static Electricity, etc.
    • Dirty Electricity – Energy Saving Devices, etc.
    • Stray Currents on gas and water pipes from electrical wiring errors
    • Body Voltage Measurements - shows how much a human body is electrically "charged" if an electric field is present.

Commercial EMF Testing

For commercial buildings, we focus on equipment interference issues, health and safety concerns. Public health and safety concerns. Contact us for more information.